Lily Allen: “Being Sober Has Opened My Eyes”

Yep – there’s a baby in there! Lily Allen shows off her growing bump at the House of Holland fashion show in London on Saturday (September 18).

The pop singer, who was once as known for her hard-partying ways as well as for her chart-topping hits, says she’s realizing her wild lifestyle may have clouded her judgment at times.

“I’m enjoying procreating,” she laughs. “I’m not missing smoking, ­drinking and going out. It’s made me realise a lot about some people I used to hang out with. I still have to be around some of them when they’re drunk and I’m like, ‘Is that what we’re like?’ Being sober has opened my eyes a lot.”

Lily, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sam Cooper, also marvels at the benefits the pregnancy has bestowed on her body.

“My boobs are incredible. I’m a 34D now. I’ve never had that size before,” she gushes. “I’m actually really excited now I actually look pregnant. It’s making it all the more real. My body’s changing all the time and I’ve got to just ­embrace it. I’m growing all over. I’ve been wearing sexy maternity tights. I’m so glamorous it’s unreal!”

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  • Anonymous

    I’m so happy she’s enjoying her pregnancy so much! It reminds me of my own pregnancy.

  • Courtney

    I’m happy for Lily as well she seems to be doing so well this time. which is nice after having your heart broken like she did the last time.

  • Tazina

    I think she will be a great mom.

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