Amy Weber Inspires Us To Be ‘Good Samaritans’

Amy Weber is inspiring ordinary people to do extraordinary things in her new show, Good Samaritans. Do people want to help out or are they too busy with their own hectic lives? These questions are asked in the new reality TV series that Amy is hosting and acting as Executive Producer. The mom-of-two opens up about her new program – a social experiment that inspires us “to never give up on humanity.” She also talks about her 1-year-old twins (who learned to walk on the same day !) and her upcoming projects.

CBS: Tell us about your twins, Madison and Levi. The last time we talked, they were crawling and chasing each other non-stop. What are they into these days?

AW: “Oh my gosh, they are all over the map! They both starting walking the SAME day so I am always chasing one of them. They are just fearless. They start to sprint across the room and then they will inevitably fall down so hard but they just get right back up! There is a lesson to be learned from kids about not giving up.”

CBS: Are you and your hubby hoping to have more children in the future?

AW: “Oh, no! I am still not sure how I survived this pregnancy – anything that could have gone wrong, did. It was so worth it, but also just took such a toll on me physically and mentally. I was so mad at my body for not cooperating and I felt like such a failure when my water broke early. I was super hard on myself and it took awhile for me to just let go and stop blaming myself for something that was never my fault. I would never rule out adopting in the future though.”

CBS: Do you have a full time nanny helping with the twins now that you’re working so much on the show? How are you balancing your time between home and your career?

AW: “I have two wonderful Nannies – Anna and Carmen – who help me tremendously. I love a neat house but it is so hard with kids, especially 2. When I am home, they will help me keep up with the floors and dishes, etc. so I can spend that time with the babies. When the babies nap, they watch the monitors so I can get some work done in my home office and when I have to leave, I know that they are safe and in a loving environment that they can grow and thrive in.”

CBS: We’re really looking forward to your new show, Good Samaritans. Please tell us some scenarios/examples from the first few episodes. What kinds of ‘troubles’ do you portray? Violent situations? People that are hungry? People that seem upset?

AW: “I am so in love with my show! Such a proud parent as not only the host but Executive Producer. I just saw my first episode cut together and it brought me to tears.

We have everyday situations that are played out on the show like a corner street sign holder that desperately needs to use the restroom and will be fired if he leaves his post. Will he find a Good Samaritan to hold the sign for him or will everyone turn the other cheek?

A single Mom in downtown Los Angeles that is headed into a huge final job interview after being out of work for 8 months and realizes that she forgot her dress shoes and is wearing sneakers because she knew parking would be far from her interview. Will someone let her borrow their shoes for 10 minutes? Wait until you see how many people remained indifferent and also who made a difference.”

CBS: Where will you be taping the show? In one city or across the nation? Will you be traveling to other countries as well?

AW: “Right now my plan is to tape in several different cities but who knows, we could go global.”

CBS: Have you had anyone help out, but asked not to be shown on camera?

AW: A lot of people were more embarrassed when they were caught being a Good Samaritan. They weren’t looking for a payoff – just being decent human beings.”

CBS: What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from taping this show? Have you gotten the feeling that most people want to help? Or have you felt that most people don’t want to get involved?

AW: “Both extremes. I learned most importantly to never give up on humanity. There are so many people on the wrong path but just as many willing to lend a hand to a total stranger which is shocking to me especially given the recent economical times when people seem to be so cynical about life in general.”

CBS: For the people that have chosen not to help, do you think it might be because they are scared for their own safety? Or do you feel they decline to help for different reasons?

AW: “I didn’t get the impression that anyone seemed scared. It felt more like people were just too busy or tried to seem to be too busy because they are in their own bubble.”

CBS: What messages are you hoping this show brings to the viewers?

AW: “I truly hope that people will just pause, take a moment to think about how they treat others, maybe even change their attitudes about people in need. Even a small pebble thrown into water may only make a ripple but that ripple can turn into a wave.”

CBS: How’s your new CD Something Kinda OOH doing? What your latest single?

AW: “The CD is doing great. I am so fortunate to have gotten so many amazing reviews all around the world, asked to be on a compilation Dance CD and have hit several charts so far. It is playing in over 90 million homes that have cable radio stations and in clubs across the States and I am lucky enough to have the support of so many DJs that are playing it during their radio shows.

CBS: What’s up next for you?

AW: “Right now I am attached to 2 features as both producer and actor. One is a wonderful Christian movie that will blow people away and the other is with the team from the Pumpkin Karver movie I did.”

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  • lunyjoy

    Twins are always sooo cute,but this baby boy is one of the most beautiful babies i ‘ve ever seen in my life!god bless him.

  • Alexa

    Madison and Levi are beautiful babies.

  • ssjl

    Beautiful babies. I saw her wedding on Platinum Weddings.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful Babies and one sexy Mom.

  • Anonymous

    I like how Amy actually names the nannies and said thank you to them publicly — that’s very refreshing. We know that Angelina Jolie has practically 2 nannies for every child she has, but as far as I know, I’ve never heard her say thank you like that. Or if she mentioned them at all, it was just “the nanny” or “the nannies.”

    Maybe irrelevant, but it was just something that stuck out to me. And her children are adorable. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Really How do you know how many nannies Angelina Jolie has? Even the tabloids claim she has 6? So thats one per child . BTW We Know Heidi Klum had 4 nannies when she had 3 kids she said it In an interview Does she ever thank or name them in public or any other celeb for that matter. Since you have inside info oh how many nannies celeb parents have How many does Julia Roberts , JLo, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Kidman please inform us GMAB

  • Alan Premel

    Congratulations Amy, I am so proud for you and your family on your new show. Your positive attitude and enthusiasm are always appreciated as friends and we definitely need more people like you in the world. I look forward to seeing the little ones on film that we have enjoyed watching grow from pics. Congrats.

  • Anonymous

    What a gorgeous family and she seems very down to earth which is rare with celebrities. I look forward to seeing her new show. Hope you post more pictures of these living dolls- two of the most beautiful angels I have ever seen!

  • Anonymous

    I love this woman.. such an inspiration to others. She is honest unlike a lot of celebs and that is refreshing plus her kids are adorable

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