Balthazar Getty’s “Understanding” Wife

Brothers & Sisters star Balthazar Getty made headlines in 2008 when he was spotted vacationing with a topless Sienna Miller – shortly after the married star welcomed his fourth child with wife Rosetta.

The couple separated, and Miller has since rekindled her romance with Jude Law, while Getty has revealed to Harper’s Bazaar, that he and Rosetta have reconciled as well. Explaining the situation, Getty said,

Here’s the bottom line: It was a very challenging time for everybody involved. But I loved and missed my family too much not to make it work. [Wife] Rosetta is understanding enough and spiritual enough to let us try. In a way it—I don’t know …I feel like we’re better than we’ve ever been”

Rosetta, who was present for the interview, then added, “I’m open to talking about it because I believe we go through things in a public way to help other people get through it. I’d love to talk about it more with people when I’m clearer about it. I’m going to have to explain this to my daughters one day. I chose not to act from ego because I just felt like it would be too crushing for my children.”

Getty then touched on facing the difficult times in a life, saying, “You can do two things in life when an obstacle comes your way: You can tackle it, or you can allow it to break you down.”

The couple, who recently hosted James Van Der Beek’s baby shower, married ten years ago and are parents to Cassius Paul, 9, Grace, 8, Violet, 6, and June Catherine, almost 2.

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar


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  1. cara

    wow. its not just the affair (they do happen, even when small kids are in the picture) … its the PICTURES of the affair that were plastered everywhere. so rosetta doesn’t just KNOW he was canoodling with some starlet she has the actual image of him canoodling with a starlet and so do all her friends, her family, her business associates, her children as soon as they are old enough to do a google search….

    no judgement. just…. wow. that is a LOT for any relationship to work through.

    on a more superficial note: how good are her kids names??

  2. Kat

    That’s Anna Getty in the picture, his half-sister.

  3. Tazina

    I’ve never seen his wife before but just by looking at her, I’m thinking why would he cheat on someone like this. Her face is just so full of warmth and humor. I think she must have an incredible personality. Looking at him, I get the impression he will have an ongoing problem with fidelity. He wants to be faithful but it’s an ongoing struggle.

  4. Anonymous

    Ugh, what a d***! Shame his wife hasn’t got the back bone to just leave this man behind

    • Mack

      So agree. Women need to start having some back bone and stop putting up with men b.s. why must a woman always have to consider the kids after the man didn’t consider them when he went off cheating. It’s such crap. I’m sure her kids would rather her be with someone who is faithful to her and loyal to their family. everyone and marriage goes through rough patches. That should never be an excuse to abandon your family or to cheat. when men learn from women leaving them that they are consequences for them cheating then men will be more apprehensive to cheat cause they will know that there is a strong possibility they will lose their wife and fam.

  5. Anonymous

    I’d be understanding and spiritual, too, with all that money.

  6. Anon1

    Rosetta has her own money, he may be a douche but he is gorgeous. I know that is superficial but hey. I must say the Sienna Miller thing would have made me pack my backs, but with four kids, you have to put everything in perceptive.

  7. tif

    their therapist is sure earning their money! so many issues to work through. good for her. I think she’s inspirational.
    times like these are difficult for sure (personal experience here), but if you just leave the guy, and dont do everything you can to fix it, that’s not what’s best for your children.
    if you try everything, and you still cant make it work, that’s when you should walk away knowing that you were true to yourself and your children.

  8. winterwilde

    I had a 3 year old with my ex-husband, who I found out was sessing his co-worker ( who willingly came out to dinner with my family and visited my home). I could not take him back.
    I have gone thru tough financial times, extreme weight loss from the stress, nights of neverending crying and 4 years later, my daughter, her dad and his new family ( including a different girlfriend, her 2 older kids and their new baby ) and are in a calm, stable place. After, all the pain, disappointment and tears, I still wouldn’t have stayed with him after he cheated in such a huge and public way. He does now see the error of his ways. Sometimes that grass on the other side is really astro-turf 🙂

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