Jennifer Garner’s Toothy Tot

She’s getting so big!

Proud mama Jennifer Garner showed off her daughter Seraphina‘s budding teeth to a friend on Sunday (September 19). The adorable 20-month-old tot and her 4 1/2-year-old big sis, Violet, had a blast with mom picking out fresh produce and flowers at the Brentwood Farmer’s Market.

The day before, we saw the entire Garner-Affleck crew – including papa Ben Affleck – at Violet’s soccer practice. Ben’s latest flick, The Town, finished first at the box office this past weekend with $23.8 million. Can’t wait to see it!

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Photo credit: Flynet / Fame


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  1. Anonymous

    adorable children! such a happy and down to earth family!

  2. Jen is always proud of her kids

    That is their nanny that the affleck girls have had since Sera was born..
    It is great that Sera is finally getting her first front tooth..Wow the bundle
    of cash that Vi has in her hand …And how nice it is that whenever Jen is
    with the kids she is always smiling at them and laughing…Back to the old
    routine.. of the market and to say thanks celebrity babyscoop

  3. mhm90

    Hopefuly her teeth will be better than her sisters.

    • Anonymous

      What does that even mean? They’re baby teeth. They’re going to fall out. Who cares what they look like? And unless you’re a dentist who’s personally examined her, I don’t know how you could possibly know anything about the state of her teeth.

  4. Proud Sera

    They are better than her sister Violets the two she has already are together
    and they are not pointy ..and the bottom teeth are together and look great.

    How Violet is so tall like her dad…and how Sera looks like Ben when he
    was a child..he even had blonde hair..!!P.S This and the Company Men
    will be Ben’s last movies he has nothing coming out next year..So please
    be sure to see the movies..

  5. lily

    What does that even mean? Maybe just maybe she says that violet has some crooked teeth.

    • Anonymous

      The point was, who cares, and why is there some implied value judgment connected with the state of her teeth? They’re baby teeth. It doesn’t matter. It’s such a bizarre thing to criticize, and reveals far more about the shallow, petty personality of the person who made the comment than it does about Violet or her family.

  6. Anonymous

    Hee Hee thanks Proud Sera, Ben’s career will surely flourish because of your observations. I appreciate the dental obsevations as well.

  7. Dana

    I can’t believe some of the comments about this poor kids teeth. If any of you had any dentistry common sense you would know that it is a very good thing to have spaces between your teeth. Her adult teeth will more than likely come in straight and close the gap and no need for braces. I wonder what YOUR teeth look like??

  8. Anonymous

    They have different nannies than when Violet was a baby.

  9. Proud Sera

    Ben’s career is just fine knowing that he can still make a #1 movie..!!!

    As for the teeth…it must be a miracle that she doesn’t drule most
    kids do when their teeth come in..All I meant was that it is nice too
    see that this movie did well and Number ! AS FOR HEEEE HIS CAREER
    that he can still make number 1 movies

  10. Anonymous

    Love this family! Congratulations to Ben Affleck on his #1 movie!

  11. Anonymous

    I have always called Violet ‘old snaggletooth’. Her wonky teeth are a noticeable and odd feature…she has weird teeth and Dumbo ears. She’s still a cute little girl…its just what makes her unique. Why does every feature have to be “perfect”, its this American cookie cutter obsession nad I don’t understand it. I’m European and its the quirks that give you charm and make you stand out…Lauren Hutton anyone?

  12. Anonymous

    i love how theyre doing that in public…right in front of the paparazzi. because doing it at home just isnt good enough. give me a break. jennifer garner loves to have the spotlight on HER HER HER! (and her kids!) UGH!!!!!

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