Michael Douglas Takes Carys To School

Michael Douglas was spotted taking his daughter Carys to school in New York City on Monday (September 20). The actor, who is being treated for stage IV throat cancer, reflects on his children in the September 19 cover story in Parade magazine.

New York is where he and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones have settled with Carys, 7, and Dylan, 10.

“New York is where we live now. We lived in Bermuda until last September. One of our kids has some special needs and it was recommended he go to a special school in the New York area. Knowing that, Catherine said, ‘Well, look, I’ll do a musical.'”

He also reveals that his 31-year-old son Cameron became an addict when he was about 13.

“I’m concerned about Cameron, and I’m hopeful. Incarceration is known as the ultimate rehab. That’s not to say you probably can get anything you want in jail. But there are restrictions and you’re being tested. He understands the realities. Every year of sobriety makes the next year better. He’s been dancing between the raindrops until now.”

So can he shield his young kids from star-struck parents?

“You can’t, really. At their school events, I feel the energy. The other kids are friends. That’s all that’s important. But then you’ve got to deal with the kids’ parents. Some parents want to be more than just friends. You can’t worry about that, right? You’re just happy the kid’s got a friend.  I mean, that’s the first order. They’ve got a friend. Oh, good! You know? So I’ll deal with the parents. We’ve got our eyes open–we know which ones are high maintenance or which ones aren’t.”

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It’s great to see him as a hands on dad with the situation he’s in!! Wish him the best!! His daughter sure is a mini version of him….cute:)


The ads are getting annoying on here.


Cute picture of father and daughter. Sure hope he pulls through this very difficult time in his life!


she cute and wish him a speedy recovery retrieval


Ads are seriously slowing down my computer.


Very tragic about Dylan’s autism. I hope his special school can help him. Seems perhaps they hid it in Bermuda for a few years. I wish them the best.
Good luck, Michael. 🙂


I’ve heard from a friend who is a scientist that autism is common in children with older fathers, as down syndrome is with older mothers.