Salma Hayek & Her School Girl Valentina

Movie star mama Salma Hayek was on the school run today, picking up her adorable daughter Valentina Paloma – who was sporting a Tinkerbell backpack – from class in Los Angeles, Calfornia (September 20).

The Oscar-nominee’s daughter will be turning 3 years old tomorrow – happy birthday, Valentina!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Sidney

    Countdown to the she’s way too old to use a binky.

  • Anonymous

    ha ha ha!! not here to judge coz my son still likes to drink from his bottle but he knows damn well not to bring it to school

  • Anonymous

    She is old enuff to go to school, then why the damn binky in her mouth.

  • Cabos

    I gotta admit that i was still on a bottle at 5. And i DO remember it! lol.

  • Da

    The time before you start the 12-16+ years of school, along with that structured schedule, was the best time of my life. I learned so much: music, songs, colors, how to write my name and my cousin could even read that young (3) and all of this at home. Traveling on errands, to the zoo, just all over. What’s up with some parents sending 2 and 3 year olds to school? I think Lala’s son was 2. As if learning, socializing, sharing, are all things you have to be institutionalized to learn, that’ll come. I just can’t imagine trading all those memories (with my grandmother watching me..with a couple of other kids, at times) for “school”, I’m still in school now (grad) lol To each their own, it just kind of lazy. A lot of parents who have their kids in daycare/headstart, at that age ,would love to have the ability to do otherwise (but have to work and can’t find relatives to keep them).

    • Anon for today

      I don’t disagree, but i think socialzation is important. And I think kids need to seperate from their parents for a bit to ease them into that when Kindergarten rolls around. Many parents only bring their child to school [when they’re as young as 2 or 3] for a few hours in the morning. There is nothing wrong with that. They still get the time with mom, grandma, cousins, the zoo, errands, etc. Just later after 12pm :O)

      • Da

        I see what you’re saying. That sounds like a nice set up.

  • Anonymous

    She looks ridiculous with that pacifier in her mouth!

  • Anonymous

    Old enough to go to school but not old enough to ditch the binky? Give me a break she looks ridiculous with that thing in her mouth!

  • Anonymous

    She does look ridiculous with that stupid thing in her mouth. She probably still uses a bottle and craps in her diapers too.

  • Anonymous

    She’s barely turning three and is going to nursery school. Relax. I’m sure the Jolie-Pitt defenders are okay with Zahara and Shiloh still sucking on their thumb while carrying a baby blanket and they are much older than Valentina.

  • Alma

    On other note, what happend to Selma? She looks so old and tired. Given all the money and help she gets….there might be problems in paradise there. Long time since we’ve seen the couple together…
    Yeah, Valetina is way to big for using pacifier especially in public.

  • Joyce

    Did it occur to any of you that perhaps the girl has developmental concerns ? Thus, a preschool to catch them early. The parents were BOTH over 40.
    It’s just coming out now that Michael Douglas’ (and Catherine Zeta Jones’) 10 yr ols son Dylan is autistic and needs a special school for special needs. Poor things ! (An older dad can cause severe developmental problems for the child).

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