Stephanie Seymour’s Divorce Showdown

Drug abuse! Cheating! Wild spending sprees! No, it’s not an episode of Real Housewives Of New Jersey – it’s the real-life divorce drama taking place between supermodel Stephanie Seymour and her husband of 14-years, media mogul Peter Brant.

What some are calling ‘the divorce showdown of the year’ was to come to a head in a Connecticut courtroom on Monday (September 20) and at its center is a custody battle for the couple’s three kids – Peter Jr., 16, Harry, 14, and Lily, 5. Also at stake is Peter’s reported $500 million fortune and luxury homes in Connecticut, the Hamptons and Palm Beach.

Famous divorce powerhouse Raoul Felder is representing Stephanie and among their claims – that Peter tried to turn the kids against her and attempted to change the lock and safe combinations on their home.

Peter, with high-powered Manhattan divorce lawyer Robert Dobrish on his side, is expected to accuse Stephanie of being a drug-using alcoholic whose out-of-control spending has resulted in a quarter-million dollars in bills a month.

But things weren’t always this bad. Back in 1994, Stephanie said of Peter, “He’s strong, intelligent, sensitive, and very masculine.” And Peter fell equally hard for the Vogue and Playboy covergirl. According to friends, he reportedly cancelled business meetings to be with her and catered to her every whim.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Marilyn

    I read that they reconciled today and cancelled the divorce proceedings.

  • ssjl

    Yes, I saw on ET last night that they have reconciled. He had an affair…Stephanie must have insisted he drop the mistress. They were then able to work through their differences. Good for them…

  • Anonymous

    Stephanie is a beautifil woman!

  • Caroline

    Stephanie Seymour has been on bipolar lists, as is Axel Rose and THEIR son who is about 24 now ?? And she also abuses drugs and alcohol. She spends almost $300,000 per month ? I do not think she is happy because that spending wears off quickly and then she turns to destructive thrills via drugs. She has 4 kids. Time to sober up and be a responsible mom.

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