Britney Spears & Her Topanga Tots

Pop princess Britney Spears was spotted with her two sons – Sean Preston, 5, and Jayden James, 4 – along with the nanny and bodyguards at the Topanga Mall in Los Angeles today (September 21).

Last Thursday, we spotted the Gimme More singer and her boys at the same mall. There must be some great deals!

Be sure to catch Brit on next week’s special episode of Glee, titled Britney/Brittany. The characters in the popular TV series have dream sequences featuring Britney’s songs.

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  • Anonymous

    I feel so bad for her…she looks unbelievably sad. I just saw the South Park episode featuring a scathing commentary on the media’s and the public’s obsession with Britney, and it just broke my heart.

  • Anonymous

    Britney should’ve moved to Louisiana, she could’ve paid Kevin like she did when she had him go on tour with her. At first the press would follow her there, but after a while, things would calm down a little. Her PR team plays into the tabloid press a lot by having personal paparazzi taking approved pictures of her and of her children and passing them off as regular candids. Kevin does this too. If you play that game and court them like that, it’s hard to turn the machine off when you don’t want it. I think her people are more concerned about her career and money than her and her health.

  • Pic

    Britney child growing to be normal

  • Anonymous

    Why does Britney ONLY ever carry Jayden?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it’s always Jayden with her… She doesn’t even pay attention to Sean!! She is so disconnected to him!! It’s not normal for a mother. She is not the same when she is with Preston (wich is really rare!). She don’t smile at him like she does with jayden etc
    And here she looks sad

  • Anje

    I love preston always to be beautiful boy then jayden but i like dress brit give the pest to jayden

  • Anonymous

    Everyone thinks that she is favoring Jayden, but that might not be the case. People can be so judgemental. Maybe Sean is really independent and does not want to be held. Maybe Jayden is a “mama’s boy” and wants Britney to hold him. I think that people really need to know the facts before they give negative comments.

  • Down papa

    Why brit hater preston she beautiful not like jjames it’s poor preston

  • Preston the best

    Nice both boys i know britney the favor love ever jayden i’m love ever baby sean don’t cry baby it your mum so bad

  • Anonymous

    Sean also a younger why britney hater the adrobel boy

  • Daniella

    Maybe Jayden just likes to be held & is more of a mama’s boy while Sean is more independent in his personality & doesn’t demand as much attention. My older brother hated to be held once he was two or three years old, my little brother wanted to be held until our mum couldn’t carry him anymore. A handful of pictures being taken by a horde of paparazzi is not evidence as to how their home lives are or how Britney treats her sons on a regular basis.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a string of nearly incomprehensible comments! Yikes.


    Jayden top the baby beautiful not preston why All guys attention by preston jayden the cute & pretty boy don’t say jay is the unhappy boy hes fascinat i will jj to be the pest then sean


    britney like tierd

  • Anonymous

    Preston love to be held! How can you explain that the nanny hold him and not Britney? If he doesn’t love to be held, he will not let the nanny take him. And yes, preston is the most beautiful i think! he have something more than Jayden, even if JJ is cute!

  • jonn3

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