James Van Der Beek’s Wife Looks Up To Demi Moore

James Van Der Beek‘s pregnant wife Kimberley Brook has been taking cues from a parenting pro – friend Demi Moore.

Kimberley, who married Dawson’s Creek star James last month, is expecting her first child and has been paying close attention to mother-of-three Demi so she can pick up some parenting tips.

“Demi’s best advice is given by just watching her,” Kimberley says. “She’s got a graceful, beautiful way with children and gives lots of baby bump love.”

James and Kimberley are expecting a baby girl and were recently feted by family and friends at a baby shower that James called “the perfect afternoon.”

“We felt very lucky to have friends who said to us, ‘Don’t worry about anything, just show up.’ Which is exactly what we did,” he says. “They had put together a perfect afternoon, and all we had to do was enjoy ourselves.”

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  • Anonymous

    Wow. Greeaaaaaat choice for a role model, there, Mrs. Dawson.

  • Anonymous2

    Naming dropping again, I see. Not sure why they’re so desperate for every scrap of attention.

    • Anonymous2

      *Name dropping. Ugh I can’t type today… sorry.

  • Anonymous

    You guys should know better. All they do is torment James about his relationship with Katie Holmes (every interview I see) and after the baby shower all everyone asks them now is about Ashton and Demi. I love how everyone jumps to conclusions about people they don’t know.

    • Anonymous2

      Oh, so you know James then do you? *eye roll* And I’d love to see all these interviews in which they “torment” James about Katie! LOL. Please.

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