Cut the Cords with Cirago’s New Bluetooth 3.0 Adapter

Are you one of those parents who like their house to be a cord free zone? Does the thought of clutter make your hair stand on end? Your home office may look organized and pristine, but you know there’s a dark secret lurking behind your desk- Wires and cords connecting your desktop to the monitor, the printer and countless other home office equipment, can become a tangled mess- not to mention a safety hazard. Busy moms everywhere will love this thumbnail sized solution for clearing clutter and eliminating tangled, messy cords once and for all. Not only is Cirago’s Bluetooth 3.0 Adapter a god-send for keeping small spaces organized, it is a smart way to keep wires away from little fingers and teeth.

You can make the transition from tangled mess to wireless effortlessly; Cirago’s Bluetooth Adapter is easy to install- all that is needed is a USB port and the Adapter instantly converts any computer hardware equipment with Bluetooth capabilities into a sleek, wireless hub. The adapters come with two different ranges, making it perfect for home, school or office. Cirago’s Adapter is the affordable simple solution to getting organized, reducing clutter and eliminating safety risks. If you’re thinking about going wireless, this is the gadget for you!

Once you organize your home office into a cord-free, safe zone; you’ll want to transform any other place with computer hardware into an organized, stress free environment. Cirago’s Bluetooth Adapter is a great gift for all family members. Teenager’s rooms, college dorms and Dad’s den could all use a makeover with a gift that is both functional and affordable. With Cirago’s Blue Tooth Adapter 3.0, it’s easy to cut the cords.

Benefits and Features:

  • Micro Design – RoHS compliant
  • Bluetooth Specification 3.0 EDR – Class 1
  • Enhanced Data Rata (EDR) compliant for both 2Mbps and 3Mbps modulation modes
  • Full speed Bluetooth operation with full Piconet and Scatternet support
  • Support for 802.11 co-existence
  • RoHS compliant
  • Full speed USB 2.0 interface supports OHCI and UHCI host interface
  • Receiver Sensitivity -90dBm
  • Stable, accurate search ability
  • Simplification of multi-link scenarios

Cirago’s Bluetooth Adapter is available Online and retails for under $36.

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