Guess Who Revealed: Ethan Edward Smith

It’s baby Ethan Edward!

X-Factor star Dannii Minogue and her model/ex-rugby player boyfriend Kris Smith were seen arriving at London’s Heathrow Airport with their adorable son on Tuesday (September 21).

The proud papa toted the 2-month-old tot as the family of three made their way through the busy airport.

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  • Sweet

    Beautiful baby

  • Sweet

    So cute!!

  • Madylane


  • Courtney

    it looks like Dannii Minoques son can’t remeber his name at the moment

  • Anonymous

    ethan danniis baby

  • Marina

    Amy Adams ‘s daugther ?

  • linda

    is ethan sos´s dannii minogue

  • Anonymous

    it is dannii minogues son ethan smith

  • Anonymous

    ethan edward?

  • Anonymous

    Amanda Peet’s girl?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, i think Ethan Smith too, Dannii Minogue and Kris Smith’s son. Gorgeous boy! x

  • Heart

    Yeah ethan edward sweet baby

  • Jassy

    Ethan edward so pretty

  • Anonymous

    Isla Fisher Baby No2 ?

  • Madylane

    Yeah, Ethan! Makes sense. While daddy Kris is hotness on a stick, Dannii is the “celebrity”. And also hotness on a stick! 🙂

  • Krissi

    Ethan Edward, Dannii Minogue’s son; you kinda see it in his face….

  • Verónica Ramos

    Dannii Minogue’s son.

  • Cabos

    Sacha Baron Cohen’s baby?

  • Dee

    Ethan, Dannii’s little boy!

    (I first saw it because of the daddy’s smile 😀 but now I even see Dannii in the little boy)

  • SarahF

    Danni’s (Minogue) son, he has her eyes 🙂

  • Jen

    I was going to say Bryn Hoppy at first but now think the others may be in right in guessing Ethan Smith!

  • Anonymous

    Tiffany Amber’s Daughter Harper?

  • Hannah.J

    It’s Dannii Minogue and Chris Smith’s son Ethan.

  • Anonymous

    Ethan is his mother’s spitting image!

    so beautiful

  • lala

    An alien??

  • Danielle

    Well i think he’s in shock from the flashing cameras so is pulling a funny face. Dannii was cute as a baby/kid and beautiful now. As is Kris so im sure he is a cutie. Beautiful eyes like his mama.

  • Vicki

    What a precious little man. Such a gorgeous family xx

  • zeana

    i think the baby is beautiful and i love his eyes, but don’t even know this guy.

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