Jamie Oliver & His Little Buddy

Adorable! Dad-of-four Jamie Oliver was seen out and about with his 7-day-old son Buddy Bear in London, England on Wednesday (September 22).

The day after Buddy’s birth, Jamie and all four of his girls – including wife Jools and daughters Poppy, 8, Daisy, 7, and Petal, 1 – were seen cuddling their new addition outside the hospital.

On Monday, the celebrity chef took to Twitter to thank fans for their support of his food revolution and to gush about his new boy,

thanks for all your amazing support guys!! glad you liked the food revolution show, baby is doing great feels like the first all over again”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • ssjl

    Awww I love newborns….so peaceful and beautiful!

  • MLT

    Cute little one but hold his head in a more secure way, please! The mother in me wants to adjust that baby’s little head. LOL Such a sweet little face. Congratulations to them all.

  • Anonymous

    I know Jamie is really happy now that he has a son but the little one is too new to be out in public this way, plus he needs to wear a cap.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I agree absolutely!

  • Hanh

    I know! It is hard to resist the urge to adjust the baby so that he’s hold him the right way! And no cap! Cold for a 7 day old!

    What was he thinking? Photo-Op time?

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but I don’t even have kids and I know you aren’t supposed to take them out for at least six weeks. They don’t need to be around people who could have colds, germs, etc at just a few days old.

    • MLT

      Personally, I think six weeks is a bit extreme in SOME cases (they have a 2-week well-baby check up anyway). My last kiddo was born in the dead of winter so we only went out for dr appts. To each their own, obviously. Have to admit that’s a cute little newborn though. :o)

      • Lizski

        Six weeks is a good amount of time to keep them away from places like walmart or the “mall”!!! Yes you have to go to your well baby and to go see relatives, but taking a 7 day old to the mall???? Without a hat or proper head support??? And what’s with all the weird names?

  • Josie123

    I´m sorry jamie, but ….

    It´s not cool to hold him , if he were a doll …

  • Anon for today

    It’s rediculous that this 7 day old newborn with NO immune system is out in public. Forget little colds, there is something called PERTUSIS! Whooping cough! Babies catch it from adults and it’s airborne. And babies die from it. It’s not to be taken lightly. I don’t understand why this man is holding the baby like a ragdoll while out in public at 7 days old. And please note, he’s holding him FACING the cameras. ;O) Not an accident.

  • Anonymous

    I am happy to see people on this blog are less dramatic than before :sarcastic:

    The baby should survive. I mean, They have 4 kids, do they need advice from people who doesn’t have kids? Who told you that a baby cannot go outside for 6 weeks????? How stupid……

    • Lizski

      Most pediatricians will tell you to stay away from crowded places for 6-8 weeks. They don’t say to keep them locked indoors, just protect them a little!!!

  • Anonymous

    support the baby’s head for goodness’ sake!! and a little knit cap would be good since he has a flannel shirt on, it must be a tad chilly. sweet baby, and you can tell a proud dad too!!!

  • melo1983

    …only 1 week old and already out and about? Wow.

  • Mel

    Not been chilly at all in UK this week…baby will survive, don’t worry.

    Maybe give a thought to newborns, baby, children, people in Pakistan.

  • Keen

    playing devil’s advocate a little bit, but my friend, who is a physical therapist for babies and children, said that their heads actually don’t need as much support as we freak out about- that being said, I’ll definitely be holding my newborn a little tighter than Jamie is here! Just thought that was interesting…

  • abby

    he’s carrying his baby as if it were a bag of groceries. i guess after four you’re a little more carefree

  • Kate

    i think he knows how to hold a newborn- this is his fourth! babies go through the birth canal and are very flexible at this age, his head is fine! not to mention that summer just ended it has been nice in london all week (my parents are there atm) so stop freaking out and judging people! i think he knows how to parent! some of you saying dont take the baby out for 6 weeks!!?? puhlease! your kid will probably GET sick because it has no exposure to the real world to work up their immune system!

  • Hannah.J

    Jamie needs to learn how to hold a baby that baby looks like he is going to fall out of Jamie’s arms.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t babies have a mechanism for showing discomfort? I believe it’s called crying or something of that sort. Buddy looks peaceful and Jamie looks like he knows what he is doing. I’m seriously baffled that someone with no children would think to tell someone who is on his 4th child, how to handle a newborn.

    And so what if he’s outside. He’ll live. It’s no wonder so many kids today are allergic every freaking thing. You can’t take a cupcake in a school anymore without calling a haz mat team.

  • Anonymous

    Um that is just stupidity that you cant take your baby out for 6 weeks..how the heck do you get them from the hospital to home after there born…i took mine out right away and they were fine…dont believe any of that crap for a second and i am one that i dont believe every little thing the doctor says.

  • Bo

    Jamie’s always been quite relaxed and carefree, he doesn’t strike as the type of person who’s going to keep his baby locked up in the house just because the doctor says so. I mean he named his long awaited son Buddy, the guy doesn’t give a damn 😀

  • Anonymous

    Wow, so many “opinions” out there. First of all, he has 3 other children, so he’s not a newbie. Buddy’s head is technically supported by his elbow and he seems to be very content where he is. I don’t know the temp where he is, but it’s not going to kill a baby to go without a hat for a little bit. And there probably aren’t too many germs that he isn’t all ready exposed to with having 3 sisters. Some of you would totally freak out that I stopped at Pizza Hut on my way home from the hospital with my 4 day old son. He’s a happy, healthy 15 year old now, and he is very rarely sick. Give the man some credit. On another note, we were seriously voting for them to name him Sonflower to keep with the whole flower themed names.

    • Anonymous

      Good comment! 🙂

  • SarahEL

    I see no prboems here. It is said that a child no longer needs to wear a cap after they leave the hospital, if the weather is fine. I know I was told to stay in the house for 6 weeks…umm yeah right, who would get the food to cook, who would get the older kids to school….who would get baby diapers. Plus, who would help a stir crazy mommy, being stuck in the house with 4 kids!! My husband had to be back at work the day after I came home home from having both of my kids, then I had a help for about a week, the I was set free. So my kids and I were out everywhere. I see no problem with it. As lo g as you wash your hands, and your other childrens hands, the you should be fine. Ohh also, just don’t let strangers go and touch your newborns face. Also, the babys head is finel. He ist having the babies head flop around, it’s supported, just at a bit of an angel.

  • Anonymous

    Poppy, Daisy, Petal…Buddy… Buddy… the Bear…

  • Anonymous

    Calm down NEGATIVE weirdos. The baby looks comfy and he is a dad of four and knows what he is doing. You still have to live and leave your house when you have a newborn. The baby will be FINE!

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