Nicole Sullivan Hosts Live Twitter Chat Today At 12 Noon (PST)!

Jenny Craig spokesperson and actress Nicole Sullivan, star of CBS’s new sitcom, $#*! My Dad Says, is set to host a live Twitter Chat today at noon (PST) to answer all your weight loss questions! After the birth of her second child, Nicole lost 35 pounds on the Jenny Craig program. The busy mom-of-two is taking to twitter this afternoon to chat with her fans and reveal her “Working Mom Workout.” Join in the fun today at noon – Nicole says, “You can ask me about ANYTHING! I am an open book.”

CBS: Tell us about the live Twitter Chat on Wednesday, September 22. Will it really be you? What can your fans ask about?

NS: Of course it’s going to be me! I would hate to have someone represent me and then say something crazy. I prefer to sound crazy all on my own. 🙂

I’m super excited to be hosting my very first Live Twitter Chat on the Jenny Craig Twitter account this Wednesday, September 22nd at noon! (Pacific time) The community aspect of Twitter really is awesome, and it’s such a great place for people to connect to each other in ways they weren’t able to before.

And the people on Jenny are so connected as well. I can’t wait to chat with my fans, share my weight loss tips and answer any questions about my experience on the program. Oh, and I also have a “Working Mom Workout” that anyone can do….so come check it out! And P.S. you can ask me about ANYTHING! I am an open book.”

CBS: Can you share a couple working mom workout secrets?

NS: “Well I’ll be sharing all of my secrets on my live Twitter chat, so you better be there! Okay, seriously though, I’ll give you a little sample to wet your appetite. I’ve found that a really easy way to get in your exercise is to schedule it for the same times every week. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are my days.

AND have a talk with your hubby. Tell him you need him to support you. And by support I mean watch the kids. Tell him that giving you the time to work out will make everyone happier. Then, when you got your time just start walking. That’s how I lost all 35 pounds. Walking. And then I toned up with some simple things like lunges, sit ups, bicep curls. I got some great stuff from the Jenny Craig fitness consultant Christopher Ross Lane. I will go into specifics on Twitter.”

CBS: How do you balance healthy body image in image-obsessed Hollywood? How do you stay ‘in check’ that your weight loss if for your overall wellness? Can you understand how some celebrities can develop disordered eating and negative body image?

NS: “Hollywood’s crazy with thinness. It’s actually upsetting to see the images that we shove into the young women of America. Girls don’t know that a lot of those super thin size 0 actresses just don’t eat. It’s the truth.

That being said, it was difficult for me after my first son was born because I just didn’t look or feel my best. And I would not do as well in an audition because of it. And I just couldn’t lose the weight! It was really rough. So after my second son, I decided to do Jenny Craig. And, it totally worked!

But everyone needs to pick a size or a weight that makes sense for YOU. For me it was a size 4 because I’m on camera. And Hollywood is tough. But if your ideal size is a 10, great! But then find a plan that gets you to your goal. And for me, Jenny was the most amazing plan ever. I’m telling you, it saved me because it was so easy. I want to tell all the moms out there struggling with baby weight, I get it. I was there.”

CBS: How are your boys doing? Is Dash off to preschool? How was Beckett’s first birthday – did you go all-out?

NS: “Dash is in preschool now! Eeeek! He loves it. He’s doing great. He’s still not doing a great job of eating his lunch. I mean, what is wrong with these kids! I’m giving him flippin’ mac and cheese! Just eat it! 🙂

But I just wish I could have a camera on him all day so I could see what he’s doing. I want him to live in the Big Brother house.

Baby Beckett just turned 1. He’s so cute! A real chubbster. I love it! But the poor thing got a little shafted on the birthday. His brother got to pick his cake, so I had to make two big red balls in honor of the obstacle course on the show Wipe Out. Dash is obsessed. I’m going to have to explain to Beckett when he’s older why he didn’t get an Elmo cake like other kids.”

CBS: How are things going with $#*! My Dad Says? When does it premiere?

NS: “We premiere Thursday September 23rd on CBS at 8:30 (7:30 central). The show’s going great! Bill Shatner (yes, I call him Bill. Ha!) is awesome! So nice and normal. And tells funny stories. And the lead kid is super fun (and cute! for those younger moms). And Will Sasso and I have a blast playing these wacky character types.

I wear a wig and my clothes are hilarious. And thank goodness I lost the baby weight because these clothes are TIGHT! So tune in! You’ll have a great time I promise! And come join me on Twitter Wednesday at noon! Power to the Mommies!”

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