Jools Oliver Is A Multitasking Mama

Mom-of-four Jools Oliver was seen out with her 8-day-old son Buddy Bear Maurice, and 1-year-old daughter Petal Blossom Rainbow at a park in London, England today (September 23).

Celebrity chef hubby Jamie Oliver caused quite a stir yesterday when he was seen out with baby Buddy. Some say the Food Revolution star was not supporting the tot’s neck and he should’ve been sporting a cap. What do you think?

Jamie and Jools are also parents to daughters Poppy, 8, and Daisy, 7.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Anonymous

    JO’s had plenty of kids. He’s just comfortable holding babies — nothing more to it!

  2. Anonymous

    Where did she get her cute bag? Anyone know?

  3. Anonymous

    Aaw, that last pic is so sweet!

    Jamie and Jools have had 4 happy, healthy kids, all of which seem to have grown up just fine!
    It seems like people are looking to jump on him and criticise him for anything, particularly in America. He does a great job, is passionate about his family and his job, and i dont see anything wrong with that.

    ps…in the UK the weather was quite warm yesterday, and he was probably only going form the shop to his car, so a hat would have been totally unnecessary for Buddy.

  4. Anonymous

    His head was supported just fine.

  5. Anonymous

    My culture dictates that a new mother and her newborn shouldn’t venture out too much for the first 40 days after birth, but that’s my personal preference to stay at home at least for the first couple of weeks. They are their children and I don’t feel they are harming them.
    Just an observation and I am not criticizing – is that Bjorn carrier being used properly. My carrier is quite a few years old, but I recall that if my baby was facing inward, the top part of the back support is not to be folded down. Is this something new with the Bjorn?

  6. Anonymous

    I’m with you I now a lot of people encoding myself that would never take a baby that young out in that weather without its vaccination shots to a park that kids were there are lots of germs and a baby that young is easy to get sick. I did not take my baby out unless I had to for the first 4 weeks but that just me and I not jugging her parenting I say to each it’s on.

    • Anonymous

      That baby has 3 sisters, 2 of them goes to school. Maybe they should send them to the hostel to baby sure they will not give the baby some germs??

      • Anonymous

        The general idea is that you stay at home and only go out when you have to. Obviously you have to go out for doctor’s appointments and the school run, but to take the baby to the park or a store in the first couple of weeks is a bit much. That’s what the dad and friends/relatives are for.

  7. Kate

    love these pics… love that family! It’s nice to see down to earth people living their daily lives filled with love. I think probably for them it would be fairly impractical to keep baby inside for X amount of time, they have 3 other kids which they have to take here and there and who they have to keep entertained… I guess even if they wanted to its not really that much of an option maybe!?

  8. Anonymous

    I don’t believe she is using that carrier properly.

  9. Anonymous

    I get that she has other kids but she did not need to take her 1-year-old daughter to the park were there’re germs and risk getting her 8 day old baby son sick. I’m sure she could have found some fun games to play at home to keep her daughter occupied.

  10. Anonymous

    This is their 4th child in almost 9 years, they have plenty of experience; their family will be fine.

  11. Anonymous

    Some of these comments are ridiculous! She is a busy mum of 4 and has things to do, in and out of the house. Her son is perfectly happy, warm and content and so is Petal, out getting some fresh air!
    Jools is not dragging her kids through a snowstorm in shorts and tshirt, nor is she giving Buddy unnecessary germs. If you’re not meant to go out with a newborn, then none of us would be aloud to leave hospital!

  12. Danielle

    these comments are cracking me up. Not leaving the house in first few weeks so the baby doesn’t get germs? Err with 3 other children and 2 at school they are going to bring home germs and you know what the baby will be better for it being exposed to them. Kids today are sheltered and far too much anit bacterial cleaning. Which is why there are more allergies and illnesses than ever before.
    And im sure if they had packed the kids off with nannies people would have complained, at least they are spending time with their children.

  13. anon

    this is not their first child. come on – they have 4 kids! they know what they are doing 🙂

  14. Mel

    Absolutely ridiculous comments here. It’s obvious their good parents, just look how healthy and beautiful the girls look.

    Do some posters get they’re kicks from coming here to critisise?

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