Jennifer Garner & Her Colorful Cutie

Jennifer Garner, her daughter Violet and their nanny were spotted out and about in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday (September 23). The 4-year-old stood out wearing a colorful print dress and striped leggings.

Violet and her mom were last spotted leaving her ballet class earlier in the week.

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Anonymous

    adorable child – always so happy! such a normal down to earth family!

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. And I love the fact that she always dresses her and her children CASUAL and never over the top even though how much money they make.

  • Jen loves to take care of kids

    Vi is one happy child boy…and did you know that blonde friend of Jen’s who
    has a in The Town Movie too..!!! Jen really is a get go girl she loves
    to take care of Vi and her sis Sera by herself..!!! That is the nanny that
    Jen had when she was in Vancouver when Vi was a baby…Down to earth
    says it all..THANKS for the pix

  • Vi happiest child

    It is interesting to know that Jen’s friend who people think is her manager
    is an actress who is in The Town and Butter Jen’s next film…Her name is
    Corena Chase!!!! Vi loves to hang out with her mother but I am wondering
    when does she go to school..??School pick ups usually happen about now!!

  • Raising your kids, stop being lazy!

    How many does she have???? Why is that even necessary, it’s not like she’s even really working!

    • Anonymous

      Actually Jen is hosting the *Pink Party* tomorrow for Elyse Walker Ovarian Cancer Event and she probably took the friend/nanny to school to introduce her to the school administrators as someone authorized to pick Vi up from school since neither she nor Ben will be available. That woman was Vi’s very first nanny and it says a lot about Jen to have maintained a relationship with her all these years.

      Celebs do have duties that take them away from their famillys just as normal working folks and it is important to know that even though you can’t be with your children that they are being well taken care of by people that you/they you love and trust. So, please, can put an end to the bitching and complaining about celebs using nannys? It really is annoying not to mention it provides a job and income to a lot of people. Lord knows, we need jobs in this economy. End of ranting. Thanks for hearing me out. lol

  • sidney

    Violet is such a happy little girl but it seems that she wear that dress a lot.

    • Anonymous

      And the problem with that is what? Or are you so rich that you never wear the same outfit twice? Maybe you’ve heard of this great invention called the washing machine – it allows you to wash clothes and then wear them again! Several times, even! Amazing, I know!

  • Anonymous

    Why does it matter if she wears the dress a lot? My daughter wears things over and over again…..

  • Anonymous

    Wearing same clothes again and again is just more evidence that this family is truly down to earth and not given to lip service like so many other celebs are described these day.

    That phase down to earth is oversued in a lot of instances. Not so much when it comes to this family however. They all seems to be photographed in the same clothes a lot. That’s why they are so endearing to the public. They truly live up to that label *down to earth*. Even Brad and Angie recycle their kids clothes. It makes them more like regular folks even though they are rich and famous and know worldwide .

  • Anonymous

    Sorry people I don’t think this child is cute at all. Look at that last picture. She’s got the biggest ears, the biggest gap in her teeth and the biggest feet. I know everyone thinks she’s cute because she’s Ben and Jen’s daughter, the child of celebrities. But the fact is, if she was just some regular kid walking down the block, NO ONE would even look twice at her.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you feel the need to point this out? It’s rude and obnoxious and serves no purpose.

    • Anonymous

      I WOULD. It is almost impossible to ignore such a radiantly, lovely child who is so full of happiness and joy. Beautiful long blonde curly hair, adorable dimples, cutest baby teeth and overall adorable. What a ray of sunshine. I hope to one day have a little girl just LIKE HER!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 7:01pm I have to agree with you that kid is not cute at all and as for her clothes Jennifer Garner can’t dress herself and she can’t dress her kids. Violet outfit is god all full but at less she dresses her for the weather.

  • Anonymous

    Violet will be gorg as an adult. As a child she is super adorable. I can have my opinion you can have yours Abnon 7:0-1

  • Cassey

    Seriously people? Never heard the saying “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”? I know everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but ragging on a five year old is a little harsh.
    I think that the Affleck girls are the cutest! The fact that they seem so normal is the real testament to Ben and Jen’s parenting skills. I mean, these kids are on the front page of this site everyday, yet Violet has the same 8$ Scooby Doo lunchbox as MY five year old.

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