Jennifer Garner’s California Cutie

Valentine’s Day star Jennifer Garner grabbed a coffee to go with a friend and her adorable daughter Seraphina, 20 months, in Santa Monica, Calif. today (September 24).

Yesterday, we spotted the 38-year-old mother of two spending some quality time with her elder daughter, Violet, 4 1/2.

The girls’ father is Jen’s husband of five years, movie star Ben Affleck.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Alexa

    sweet Seraphina

  • Anonymous

    Everyday there are pics of JG and her kids… what gives?

    • Anonymous

      Obviously they sell well, so the paps follow her all the time. She’s not doing anything a normal person wouldn’t do. What’s so hard about that to understand?

    • morningbirdorganic

      They have a real happy family~~
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  • Anonymous

    As long as we comment, negative or otherwise, they will continue to follow her and take pics. If it wasn’t profitable, believe me, the paps would not take pics and sell to all the blogs and tabloids who dish out money for them. Elementary dear Watson.

    Getting back to the topic, her little girls are so cute and seem to be very much in demand as is she and her hubby.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly I love this family. I hate the way everyone gives lil Violet a hard time over the size of her feet. I think lil Sera’s feet look like the same kind of big. BTW my lil boy appears to have the same kind of big feet, I think they may be how we are progressing. Taller kids with bigger hands and feet, its progress and evolution.

    Love Jen’s kids

  • AnnieMouse

    I love the family too…they’re out and about, so what?! Would everyone rather they keep their kids cooped up and never out of the house?? I think it’s great to see a family that spends as much time with their children as they do. They don’t seem to be raised by “the help” like so many other Hollywood kids are. Oh, and I love Jenn’s boots in these photos! Cute, cute, cute!!

    • morningbirdorganic

      me too~~~~~~~~
      and i love the smile on her face

  • Anonymous

    AnnieMouse just to let you know alot of other celebrities have said that they take thier kids out they just know places to go so thier kids are not photograph.

    • Anonymous

      This family photos must be in greater demand than the familys you are speaking of. I would very much like to know the names of these families you are speaking of.

      Paps don’t happen to be where celebs are going, they actually camp outside these celebs homes and work places and follow them to their destitation. Because this family leads such a structred live (routinely doing pretty much the same things on a daily basis) makes it is fairly easy to get pics of them.

      Hence, that is probably why we see them practically daily on some websites. I am so amazed that Jen can put up with the constant invasion, but she really deserves applaud instead of constant critizism. She dresses in the most relaxed manner and still get followed.

      Some people dress up in hopes of getting papped and I would be willing to bet they would die to get the coverage this woman gets.

      I still would like to know the names of those families who change their lifestyle just to avoid the paps.

  • Sophia

    Seraphina is gorgeous as always and Jen looks great 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I agree with 02.37am

  • Anonymous

    love them no matter . . . i just admire the way they are. . .

    • Anonymous

      You and me both!

  • Beth27

    Anonymous 9:15 You’re the one that need to get educated because clearly Anonymous 2:37am was saying that all of these celebrities have kids and have manage to avoid the pops as best they can and are not photographed daily. As for Melanie Griffin’s kids are being in rehab has nothing to do with her kids not being photographed by the paparazzi because obviously they have other problems in their life to cause them turn to drugs.

  • Michelle Moris

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  • when she is a woman..

    That is the nanny chef that Jen has had since Vi was a baby …when Jen was
    shooting a movie in Vancouver…It is nice to see her in some red boots…!!
    Wow that colour is really in this winter

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful mother and daughter!

  • jonn2

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