Private Practice Star Amy Brenneman On Being A ‘Working Mother’

Amy Brenneman of Private Practice fame recently took time out of her busy schedule to chat with Working Mother with regard to juggling her life as an actress, wife to Brad Silberling and a mother to children, Charlotte, 9, and Bodhi, 5.

On it being diifiicult to say goodbye to her children when leaving for work: “It can be hard sometimes if they miss me, but here’s where my job is especially great: The door is always open. It’s not like I’m in a high-level meeting where a child would be disruptive. They can come visit me.”

On whether she experiences conflict between working and being a mom:

“Yes, a lot. I’m in agony all the time. I say to Brad that it’s confusing and agonizing all the time. I do think culturally it’s not as agonizing for dads.”

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