Style vs Sex Identity – ‘Pregnant Man’ Talks About Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

There is a great deal of ongoing chatter about the style of clothing worn by Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. The 4 year old daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie generally appears in androgynous outfits that are throwing fuel on the fires of speculation. Recently Thomas Beatie – who is known as “the pregnant man” and is the first transgendered man to give birth – spoke to Life & Style about his opinion on the subject.

When you’re a child, you don’t really have a solid grasp of what male and female are. Unless Shiloh actually identifies as being male, she is not transgender. Gender is largely a state of mind, and I’m sure if asked, she would identify herself as a little girl.”

Thomas did not see himself as belonging to the male gender until he was 10 years old and says that parents should never try to force gender identity on a child. “There was a point in my teenage years when my father pushed me toward modeling,” he says with a laugh. “I think it might have backfired!”

Some insiders who are close to the Jolie-Pitt family told Life & Style that Angelina is pushing Shiloh in a certain direction. However, perhaps Shiloh’s style is simply a new fashion statement. Angelina has even named this masculine approach to dress as “Montenegro Style” and calls her daughter’s choices “fascinating.”

Are we, therefore, looking at serious gender issues or a merely a light-hearted play on fashion?

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  1. Anonymous

    Shiloh is just a little child, she has a strong personality but she doesn’t know the world, and the fact that she dresses like a boy DOESN’T MEAN she is a boy!!!
    And I think too that Angelina and Brad are doing the right thing for their daughter letting her express her personality and don’t are forcing her to dress like a girl girly.
    I don’t think Shiloh identife herself as a boy, I think that this thing of her dressing like a little boy it’s because she loves her brothers and admires them. I grew up playing with my brother and my boy cousin, I didn’t like to wear dresses or to play with dolls, I liked to play with little cars and wear pants and t-shirts. It doesn’t mean now, that I’m older, I’m a lesbian or something like this.
    People should stop talking so rude things about Shiloh (I am not saying about Celebrity Baby Scoop, but I read a lot of bad things about Shiloh in others blog), she is just a child, an innocent child.

  2. Tazina

    Agreed, and I find it’s a lot of these sites that are sensationalizing her clothing choices. Some of the headlines are ridiculously overblown to try and make something out of nothing, even when she brought the toy wooden sword on the plane. So it’s not just the people commenting who are to blame for the furor surrounding this innocent child.

  3. Emma

    This is stupid, shes only a child and anglina has said before she does it to copy her borthers, she doesnt go to a normal school or nuresy to see what litle girls are like, it doesnt mean shes a boy or is going to like woman she will learn as she get older shes a beautiful girl.

  4. Anonymous

    The media should finally stop harassing Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. She is a beautiful little girl who prefers to wear boyish clothes. She sure adores her big brothers a lot and wants to dress like them. That still doesn´t mean that she´s any less a girl as her two sisters. At the moment her style is very tomboyish but who knows what she´s gonna wear in a next few years. It can very well be that she finds her feminine side and will start to dress like a girl. Either way the main thing is that she´s healthy and happy and loved by her parents. It really makes me sick when I read those stories that Angie is “forcing” Shi to dress like a boy. She recently told in a Vanity Fair interview that she has a “strong-willed 4-year-old daughter who likes to dress like a boy”. That particular thing tells it all. She most definitely isn´t forcing Shi to dress like she dresses. It´s her own choice. So the rags should leave Shi and her parents alone. This girl is gonna be a beauty when she grows up.

  5. Anji

    shiloh it’s little boy ok what problem with your guys?

  6. Anon1

    Shiloh was dressed as a boy in her first photo shoot, I don’t think she asked for that. I think Angelina is projecting characters and personalities on her kids to make them more interesting. It is sad that that poor girl is now being discussed as a subject. That will be more damaging than her gender confusion.

  7. Anonymous

    I don’t understand what is the problem with this adorable little girl. I don’t know any little girl that really runs around in frilly dresses unless they are made to. No one really says a word about Suri Cruise’s million dollar outfits that are ridiculous with her heels or that the kid can’t walk more than 10 feet without being carried the rest of the way. At least Shiloh can walk and looks comfortable all the time.

  8. Anonymous

    I AGREE and Anon1 GET A LIFE…..

  9. Anonymous

    I think the mommy policing is despicable and the “pregnant man”is a hypocrite for making judgments on Shiloh. She is just a little girl, sure in 20 years time she may be transgendered or she may be a girly girl or an astronaut or anything else she wants to be right now she is a kid and deserves privacy

  10. Amber Thompson

    “When you’re a child, you don’t really have a solid grasp of what male and female are”

    Sorry to tell you this, but i knew the difference when I was 3 years old.

  11. Anonymous

    What kind of “GROWN” woman sits around picking on a 4 year old because she is a tomboy? Some of you need to take a long HARD look in the mirror and put down the tabloids. Life and Style has hit and new LOW picking on child to sell their crappy magazine. And you “Jen” sympathizers are NO better. I get it… Shiloh is the child Jen was supposed to have. So in your sick,twisted,tabloid mind….Angelina Jolie is worst parent ever.(shaking head) You people need to get a damn life and leave this child ALONE!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    Anon1 you are one sick person it is very easy to tell that you have mental problems and you’re the one who is projecting characters and personalities on Angelina Jolie not the other way around. You what her to be this person you crated in your mind and in the mind of tabloids writers who only what to make a buck , you should really get a job as a tabloids writer seine you love to fabricate stories so much. If you’re talking about the whit romper she had on in people it was a new born girl’s outfit get your facts start before you state talking about thing you don’t know.

  13. Caring Kate

    Having worked for many years with so-called “at risk” kids (at risk for drug abuse, suicide, antisocial behaviors) I can see the groundwork being laid by the mother and father of Shiloh. Angelina is the stronger parent and, I believe, is playing the major role or supporting her brother who is taking the major role in this manipulation. Manipulated children, in any way, end up as “at risk” teens and later as pretty tormented adults.

    • Anonymous


      the groundwork is being laid for what, exactly?

      Also, in what way is she being manipulated and how can you tell she’s being manipulated?

      I’m serious, you can’t make loaded statements like that and not provide more detail and/or support for your claims

  14. when she is a woman..

    He is not a man but a woman who had the operation that his why she can
    give birth…o.k … she is not a man by any means like say Tom Cruise or
    Matt Damon…when are we going to stop being so impressed by the fact
    that a woman had a operation and hormones…to look like this…

  15. Anonymous

    I think this confused WOMAN (she was born a woman, she has female organs!) should refrain from giving any advice to anyone. She is not a celebrity and she is NOT a man.

    Shiloh is four, give the Jolie-Pitt’s a break. If she were too girly like (for example) Suri, everyone would would complain too. I know this is celebrity baby scoop, so keep to scooping what the adorable Children of celebrities are doing a what they are wearing. Stop criticizing celebrity parents just because you can!!

  16. Sophia

    Now other famous people are “weighing in” on the topic? It’s ridiculous the amount of scrutiny Shiloh and the whole Jolie-Pitt family go under just because she likes to wear androgynous outfits and have her hair short. Honestly, lots of littls girls like to wear blue and wear pants and have short hair. I really fail to understand what the big deal is, and why this discussion is still ongoing!

    • Mara

      If you freaks weren’t branjalunatics the posts would be different. If this was Suri Cruise or Violet Affleck you people would be so evil.

      • Sophia

        Uhm…I don’t come here to be “evil” about any children. Suri and Violet are both gorgeous and besides, I’m not trying to like defend anyone particularly I’m just saying it’s ridiculous how long Shiloh’s fashion choices have been a “hot topic” when she just seems like a normal kid. Anyway, I dunno.

  17. Anonymous

    I think Shiloh’s a tomboy (albeit most kids don’t go as far as getting their hair cut) but seriously people?! She’s obviously gonna grow out of this in the next couple of years.

  18. Kylene

    Obviously she has to look up to her older brothers because Zahara has always been jealous of her. Ever since they were little Zahara has been carrying on a huge rivalry with Shiloh. She gets along better with Maddox & Pax than she does Zahara.

  19. Anonymous

    Awesome! Someone who is NOT transgendered gets to decide who IS transgendered! Thanks, Tom! *eyeroll*
    I’m so tired of hearing from her. She’s not the first bearded woman to give birth.

  20. Anonymous

    All the above is so funny. Best part is no one is looking for a basic explanation, Shiloh’s hair was suddenly cut short a few months ago, did anyone care to think she had originally cut her hair herself and the short pixie cut was to fix what she had done. She’s a little girl those clothes are adorable outfits for a little girl. In this one in particular a green pea coat black pants and black (albeit sneakers) shoes. I’d wear that and I’m 25 and guess what not a lesbian. I find it hilarious that people are saying Angelina forces her to wear these clothes. She’s a little girl it’s comfortable it’s accessible and it’s not a tutu with bright high heals or pajama shirts (ahem Suri Cruise).

    I honestly believe that her hair is slowly growing back or that she said after the original hair cut that she likes it short or maybe Angelina can see how the shorter locks suit her face.

  21. Anonymous

    I have an adult sister with a hair cut similar to Shiloh’s. She’s married with two children, but I guess she’s got gender identity issues also. It couldn’t be because she actually likes her hair short and thinks it suits her face and personality better than long hair. Nah. That would make to much sense.

    Seriously, people need to get a life. Who cares what Shiloh wears or why she wears it. Pay attention to your own children and your own family. Instead of trolling sites and wasting time posting insults to a child and her parents, you should spend more time with your own children and spend more time living your own life. Trust me. You’ll be a happier person.

  22. Hussaini

    I wonder why some people are so much interested in other people’s life without minding theirs.Let this little girl be and catch fun with her younger ones.

  23. Anonymous

    oh my god whats Beatie’s next opinion on what happens if parents put a ‘boy’ nappy on a ‘girl’ baby!? PLEASE! this is the most stupidist crap ive read on the internet! apart from Lindsey Lohan is sober!
    Who cares how Shiloh dresses! at least shes IN clothes!

  24. Anonymous

    Kylene, really, Zahara jealous of her -that’s interesting . Since their parents say they are BFF. Everyone who has seen them together in public claims they get along great, Parents at the dance class they attended claim they held hands and Zahara is protective of Shiloh. But I’m sure Zahara told you personally she was jealous of Shiloh,right.Love to see new pics of Zahara with Brad at the bday party this weekend.

  25. Anonymous

    I think Miss Beatie should not even be famous and should shut up as long as she has ovaries, a uterus and is having child after child. To many of us she is cheating. Make up your Thomasina, go all the way!

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