Brad Pitt & Zahara: Party At The Grove

Brad Pitt and Zahara spent time at the American Girl store at The Grove shopping complex on Saturday (September 25). They were there to attend a birthday party for rocker Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni, who turned 6.

Brad held the 5-year-old’s hand as they left the store and waved hello to the fans waiting outside. He then had to navigate through the crowd in his white SUV.

The actor is currently shooting his new film Moneyball in Los Angeles. It’s about Billy Beane, manager of the Oakland A’s baseball team.

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Photo credit: DANO20 JAXN/GSI Media/Flynet

  • Anonymous

    I love them..she´s cute

  • Sophie Smith

    I wonder why Shiloh wasn’t there as well

    • SiervaMaria

      Sophie, I’m not going to be a Brad-Angelina apologist here, but maybe it’s like my famliy. My siblings didn’t share friends sometimes. My best friend growing up and who never played or hung out with my older sister is now best friends with her as adults. Maybe Zee and the Cornell girl hit it off because of shared interests-personalities etc.

  • Anonymous

    Shiloh is just 4. Zahara is almost 6. They are not twins. Common sense tells one that they can have separate friends. Brad and his oldest daughter look like they had fun.

  • Trish

    True, why would Shiloh go to a party for her sister’s friend. I have sisters and never had to drag them to parties especially if there is an age gap!! Kids need to have their independence and social events that is their own time.

  • Anonymous

    Not a cute kid.

    • Anonymous

      Sure she’s cuter than you and bet she’s not a misanthrope either. So, Team Princess Z: 2, Team You: …well, you know.

      • Kylene

        I bet you think your kids are “Princesses” too & are obviously brats.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t have kids yet, Kowlene, so how could it be obvious that they’re brats? Projecting much, hmmm?

          • Anonymous2

            Anonymous, you seem to be very immature. A good person does not make comments like that towards children. Do us all a favor and get yourself sterilized. We do not need people like you to bring children into this world.

    • SiervaMaria

      Of course that’s your opinion to have, but it does peak my interest to know what your idea of beauty is based on, and also what you (and your kids if you have them) look like. Personally? I see Zee as a physically gorgeous little girl.

  • Anonymous

    zahara is just gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    So many paps and Z looks uncomfortable with them around, poor girl. But ah well, can’t say I’m not enjoying this family’s pics so I’m guilty as well.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure celebs know what is in store for them when they sign up for this, but come on, can you imagine how ridiculously annoying to have a sworn of paparazzi coming at you like this? So eerie!!

  • Anonymous

    Zahara is a really beautiful little girl. Seems like she was having a good time at her friend´s b-day party until it was time to leave and the ever-present paps were waiting for her and her dad. She truly has wrapped her ldad around her litttle finger and truly is dad´s little girl. She has this most expressive face and her expression in these pics show what she really feels for the paps:pure disgust! Go, girl! Show the whole world what you feel!

  • Tazina

    Angelina said in an interview she hoped the media attention would eventually die off. Obviously as long as they’re making movies that’s not going to happen. The kids add interest also. At least they have the financial resources to protect themselves. If I were them, I’d buy a ranch with a long road to the house. That would give them some privacy.

  • Anonymous

    Trish said “I have sisters and never had to drag them to parties especially if there is an age gap!!”

    Age gap? Shiloh is 4, Zahara is 5. You call that a gap? LOL

  • Courtney

    if they didn’t live in hollywood they wouldn’t have to worry as much about Paparrazzi as they do. and Zaharah is almost 6 not five two years is a pretty common age difference there’s for instance nearly 26 months between Eleanore & Melissa Newman right Nell was born April 8th 1959 and Lissy was born September 27th 1961. granted their parents had longer careers in the film business than Brad and Angie could ever dream of having and also did charity work because it was the right thing to do and not for press.

    • Guess Who?

      1. You know how long Brad & Angie’s film careers will be? Please tell me what the winning lotto numbers are going to be, since you seem to have this abillity to see the future.
      2. Brad and Angie are only doing charity work for press? I’m pretty sure that doing something for over 10 years just for press is a little overkill. And before you start criticizing the charity work they do (regardless of whether you think it’s only for press or not), HOW MUCH HAVE YOU DONE YOURSELF?

  • Amy

    Zahara turns 6 in a couple of months. The people saying Shiloh should be there are just trying to bash the family. Just because they are sisters doesn’t mean they have all of the same friends. I don’t see why people are trying to start something because Shiloh wasn’t invited. It’s bizarre that no matter what they do, people bash them for something that most people do.

  • Beth27

    Courtney Brad and Angie don’t live in Hollywood the only reason why they’re there is because Brad is filming a movie. When they’re not doing movies there ether in New Orleans or Frances They both Brad and Angie have stated that in both place the people there don’t bother them and treat them like everyone else. I think the reason why Shiloh not there is because it was problem daddy and me time between Brad and Z,

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Beth27 that it was probably daddy and me time between Brad and Z, It always nice to get that one on one time with your parents. For the last 10 yr or so I’ve had that one on one time with my mom without my two sisters. The day before Christmas is our day we go shopping for last minute gifts have lunch whatever just spend time together.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she wasn’t there becasue its called american girl store and shiloh is a boy

    • Mig

      lol, good one 🙂

    • SiervaMaria

      You’re an !d!ot. A judgemental a$$hole who apparently isn’t alone in being one since you got a virtual high five from the other ja (“good one”). Some of you make me ill.

  • Anonymous

    The JP kids go to the Lycee when they are in LA, and are homeschooled by a Lycee trained teacher when they are on location with their parents where a Lycee is not available. The Lycee schedule and curriculum are the same in all the Lycees wherever located in the world over (based on the French school system). Zahara and Toni are in the same class at school. They are friends and almost the same age. Zahara was invited to the birthday party because of this.

  • Anonymous

    just Brad & 1 of the children goes out & look at the mayhem, no wonder the fam sneak around so much

  • Guess Who?

    So because Zahara is only 16 months older than Shiloh, they have to both go to the same birthday parties? Toni is her classmate in school, why on earth would her younger sister have to be there too? Most of the kids I have ever known don’t invite the siblings of their school friends to their birthday parties. And it probably was a great daddy-daughter outing with just the two of them.

    And Courtney, April 8, 1959 to Sept. 27, 1961 is almost 30 months.

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