Dylan & Carys Douglas: Happy Birthday Mom & Dad!

Gorgeous kids! The children of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-JonesDylan, 10, and Carys, 7 – were seen with family in New York City last weekend.

To celebrate mom and dad’s double birthday on Saturday (September 25), the kids joined family at the Broadway performance of Stomp. Papa Michael turned 66 while mama Catherine turned 41.

This morning (September 27), Michael and his daughter were seen walking to school on a rainy Monday morning.

The Wall Street star is currently undergoing treatments for throat cancer.

Life is not all ha-ha-ha. But I’m in good spirits,” Douglas said. “I’m an optimistic guy. Nothing has deterred me from my belief that I am going to beat this. My doctors’ prognosis is for a full recovery. I have no reason to doubt them.”

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Photo credit: INFdaily.com


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  1. Anonymous

    Cute kids. Dylan is a mini Catherine.

  2. Anonymous

    Boy, those spambots are really stretching, huh?

    And if CZJ is 41, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

  3. Joyce

    So sad that Dylan is autistic. Michael was brave to come out with the news he needed a special school in NYC. I hope he gets the help he needs now. Maybe in Bermuda the parents were in denial for 3-4 years ? Happy Birthday CZ and Michael. 🙂

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