“Warrior Mom” Jenny McCarthy Opens Up About Split

In her first big interview since her split from actor Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy says her identity is not wrapped around being someone’s girlfriend, but in being a mom to her 8-year-old son Evan.

Though Jenny insists that her “identification wasn’t caught up [in] being a celebrity’s … girlfriend,” Oprah Winfrey pursues the question further, asking, “You’re sure?”

“Absolutely,” the funny mom replies. “I did check on that, by the way. I checked into myself. How does my ego feel? … My ego’s fine. I’m a warrior mom. I always got back on my feet, and I know especially this year who I am.”

The news of Jim and Jenny’s split came as a surprise to many. Together for 5 years, the Love, Lust and Faking It author often gushed about her former beau’s connection to her son, who was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old, even calling Jim the “autism whisperer.” She also started calling herself as “grandma” when the Pet Detective star’s daughter Jane welcomed a son last year.

So what went wrong? “You know, the simple word I can give – and there’s a few, so let me say a few. The first thing is, when it’s not fun anymore, you need to start investigating and do an inquiry into the relationship.”

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  1. CactusHeart

    She never reveals the real reason they split up, she just hems & haws with general statements.

    I think the REAL reason is that it’s both their fault: He makes funny rubber faces in bed and she farts, it was BOUND to happen where one of them was to get fed up with the other *lmao*

  2. Anonymous

    Yuck. She drives me nuts. Can’t believe Oprah gives her such a prominent platform to spew her “autism cure” nonsense. She’s hardly my idea of a “warrior mom.”

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