Jennifer Garner and Violet Beat The Heat

It was a record-setting 113 degrees in Los Angeles, Calif on Monday. While most of us couldn’t bear to step away from the air-conditioning, Jennifer Garner braved the high temps and took daughter Violet, 4-1/2, out for a treat.

So how does this stylish mother-daughter duo beat the heat? Why, with a big helping of frozen yogurt, of course.

Jennifer took Violet out to the popular Menchies Frozen Yogurt, the froyo of choice of the hip young Hollywood crowd. Obviously this is one family that isn’t about to let a little heatwave spoil their fun – yesterday Jennifer took Violet and younger daughter Seraphina, 1 1/2, out for soccer practice.

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Photo credit: FlyNet Pictures

  • Anonymous

    She wore this dress 2 days ago. Doesn’t she have anything else to wear?

    • Anonymous

      So what? People do that. They wear clothes, they wash them, they wear them again. What is your problem?

  • klutzy_girl

    Maybe she just wanted to wear the dress again.

    And holy crap at that temperature!

  • Anonymous


    • Belinda Barnacle


  • Anonymous

    Wonder what happened to Vi’s legs? Hopefully the red marks are just from her sitting on them?

    • Anonymous

      Normal little kids run around and get bumps, bruises, and scrapes. It’s abnormal when they don’t.

      • Anonymous

        Nobody said that they don’t. Just a normal question that a normal person might ask.

  • Anonymous

    yes take her out in the massive heat, good idea. it would be safer to stay inside when its that hot.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I’m sure it will kill her being outside for the few minutes it takes to walk from the air-conditioned car to the air-conditioned store. You do realize people live in places like Arizona where it gets that hot all the time, right? They still manage to leave their houses every day without dying.

  • Anonymous

    why doesnt jen ever wear shorts? its 113 degrees and shes wearing jeans? yuck!

    • antigoniem

      Maybe she doesn’t like her legs…

    • Anonymous

      It obviously doesn’t bother her, and is what she chose to wear. What difference does it make to you? Did she force you to wear pants?

      • Anonymous

        its just really odd. and its not like shes out of shape. she has a good figure. i mean its 113 degrees…wear shorts or a cute sun dress or something! embrace the weather!!!

  • Violet says

    Well have you ever heard of archive photos..!!!! Just because you see this
    pix today does not mean that it was taken in the same week…The bruising
    came from her we all know that if you are the goalie of the team
    that you will be hit by the ball…it is a tough sport..Just wish she would get
    some nice shoes Vi like her sister…does.It is nice what Jen said about Ben
    working hard on The Town and how he is a great father and husband

  • Anonymous

    Jen is so pretty and I, like so many others have no problem with her clothes. As for being out in the heat (this could have been an after school treat). Anyway, a little sunshine is healthy as it containes vitamin D for strong bones as well as other benefits. Thanks for the pics CBS.

  • Peta

    And if Jen dressed like a stunner when she’s out with her children, people would be whining about who she thought she was trying to impress.

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