Katherine Heigl’s Baby Poop Mishap

Katherine Heigl is ready to potty train her adopted daughter Naleigh after an experience on a recent airplane flight. After changing the 20-month-old in the plane’s cramped toilet, the actress noticed the diaper smell had lingered throughout the cabin.

The Life As We Know It star explains, “This is grown-up kind of poo. I’m in this airplane and they didn’t have these fold down tables to change her on; it’s just a tiny little bathroom. I couldn’t put her on the floor. I had to jam her head in the corner and lay her across the toilet and kneel below her and it was brutal. I was like, ‘What did you eat?’

“I had to walk back to get her because she was sitting with the nanny and trying to sleep and that whole plane smelled really bad. I had to wake her up because it was just really mean to all the people around her. Now I’m so committed to potty training.”

Heigl also admits she’s particular when it comes to changing diapers.

“I want my husband and the nanny to do it the way I do it and use the same diaper cream because I swear that’s what helps her; just the right kind of wipes and diapers. It’s very apparent that I’m a control freak, so it’s better if I do it myself.”

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  1. Anonymous

    she jammed her head in the corner? why didnt she just put a towel, jacket, shirt, something on the seats and change her?

  2. AJ

    Anonymous, she was probably exaggerating to make the story more dramatic…. people do it all the time, but the downside to a written article is you don’t see them as they’re saying it, see if they’re laughing, or the tone of their voice.

  3. Anonymous

    I’d have just put a towel, or paper towels or something on the floor and changed her. better than the toilet.

  4. Anonymous

    so she’s travelling first class and let the nanny handle her kid in economics!

  5. anonymous

    wow, have any of you ever changed a toddler mid flight…. First of all Who in first class would tolerate someone changing a toddler in first class, that is disrespectful and just plain dirty…. Second I would rather jam my kids head in corner of bathroom counter than change them on bathroom floor… GROSS. I have changed babies, and toddlers in airline bathrooms and her description is right on the money. brought back memories good times good times. LOL

  6. Anonymous

    I had the same experience with my 10 month old. I had to change him on that small airplane bathroom toilet with paper towels over the toilet. I agree that it is better than changing it on the floor. You cannot change these stinky diapers on the seat of an airplane, have a little respect for your fellow travelers!

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