Melanie Brown Breaks Up Her Daughter’s Date

It seems Andy Garcia isn’t Hollywood’s only fiercely protective parent.

Melanie Brown – aka “Scary Spice” – admits that she stepped in and broke up her daughter Phoenix Chi‘s first date when things got a bit too “touchy-feely” for her liking.

“Phoenix and John were getting a little touchy-feely. I was thinking this is looking like a real date,” the mom-of-two reveals. “She’s 11 years old, she’s not a woman. I’m stepping in, it’s time for me to end the date. They were holding hands and standing a bit close.”

The Spice Girl mama, who also has 3-year-old daughter Angel Iris and 5-year-old step-daughter Giselle, recently revealed that she and her husband Stephen Belafonte would love to add to their brood – in fact, she’s hoping for twins!

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  • antigoniem

    Why is an 11 year old on a date anyway???

  • MLT

    Uh, YEAH, I’d break it up too at 11. That’s WAY too young to “date”, IMO, whether Mom is there or not.

  • Sue

    That little boy was way too touchy when he had his hand on her back as she bowled I wanted to go into the TV and break it up.

  • Anonymous

    WTH is an 11-yr-old doing going on anything even resembling a date?

  • Anonymous

    holding hands and standing to close? oh what a freakin’ crime, he should go to jail and she should go to a convent! Oh for heaven sakes people that’s not a big deal.

    • Heather

      11 year olds shouldn’t be on dates, period. Kids are in such a rush to grow up these days. Sure, it was JUST holding hands this time. What about when she’s 12? 13? 14? It’s no wonder girls are having sex by age 15 and getting pregnant by age 17.
      It sounds like your children/future children will be part of that disgusting statistic too 🙂

    • MLT

      You must not have children.

  • Anonymous

    11 year olds don’t belong on dates and she’s an idiot for even allowing her to go on the date in the first place. But then again, what kind of role model is she with different kids from different men. Her daughter will certainly follow her.

  • Sue

    First off did you even watch the show because if you did you would know that Mel B. was ageist the idea of Phoenix going on a date but her husband and family therapies talker her into it and reluctantly agreed to the date.

    • MLT

      Then how patheic is Mel B – she can’t stand by her values as a mother – she lets her husband and a therapist talk her into letting her 11 yr old go on a date? Backbone much, Mel B?

      • MLT

        Sorry – should have been pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    if she was against it she shouldn’t have let anyone else talk her into it. It was HER daughter not theirs. End of story.

  • Sophia

    So Mel was there? If she was there with Phoenix and her “date” then I don’t really see what the big deal is. It’s like “no, you can’t bring a friend bowling with us because he’s a BOY.” Bit old-fashioned don’t you think.

  • deeb2001

    It may be called a “date” but it really wasn’t, at least her mother was there to supervise them, which I think was a great idea! At that age some kids become interested or curious about the opposite sex. Its not a crime to go out and have fun with someone as long parents are around, I say go for it. Would u rather the kids sneaking around? Lets be more open minded people.

  • Anonymous

    ITA@deeb 2001 that is the age where the interest begins so you bring them home and chaperon, or take them with you to the movies or shopping. Children that age just need the right setting to socialize (one with parents near by) 🙂

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