Melissa Rycroft’s Baby Gender Bewilderment

It was reported recently in People that Melissa Rycroft of Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor Pad fame was excited when she took a test to find out the gender of her eagerly awaited baby. Imagine her her surprise when a second test showed a different result. Speaking at the Juno Baby Celebrity Launch in New York City, Melissa said,

We got our first report, got all excited and then we went back a few weeks later and it was a conflicting report. We’re not sure, hopefully in the next week or two we’ll get 100 percent confirmation.”

This will be Mellissa and her husband, Tye Strickland’s, first child and they are happily anticipating a February birth. “It’s still crazy for me to be entering this world of ‘Mommywood,'” she said. “It’s exciting and it’s surreal and it’s a fun new world to be in.”

Strickland has been helpful in his supporting role by offering his own brand of tender loving care which includes back massages and foot rubs. Melissa’s emotional needs are met with a little gallant flattery, “He tells me I look skinny every day!”

Staying “skinny” has been something of a challenge. The former Dallas Cowgirl’s routine used to include strenuous workouts but, as she pointed out, pregnancy has slowed her down,

It’s limiting what you can do. The kiddo definitely tells you when they’re tired and when they don’t want you to work out.”

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