‘Raising Sextuplets’ Stars Split After Arrest

Raising Sextuplets star Jennifer Masche has apparently decided to call it quits on her 6-year marriage, having filed a petition this week for a separation from her husband Bryan.

The news comes on the heels of Bryan’s arrest earlier this month while visiting family in Arizona. The dad-of-six was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and threatening domestic violence. According to RadarOnline.com he allegedly “shouted profanities at his wife and threatened to ‘flatten’ his father-in-law” during the incident.

The reality star couple wed in 2004 and welcomed their sextuplets – 3 girls and 3 boys – in June of 2007. Just last year Bryan revealed their ongoing commitment to their marriage:

“We both have an understanding in our minds that there is no out. I know personally that I’m accountable to God, and Jenny knows she’s accountable to God, and we don’t have any way out of this thing. So if we’re going to be stuck with each other for the next 80 years, we better make it good.”

In the same interview Jenny, a physician’s assistant, said that raising 6 young children can take a toll on a relationship, admitting, “We have totally brutal fights.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Can’t say I blame her, she’s going to have a time raising all those kids on her own.

  2. Janna

    What a sad situation, especially considering the fact that they just moved clear across the country from all of their family. I hope that they can make it a priority to raise their children in a calm environment. Kids don’t need this kind of stress.

  3. Anonymous

    after the show where they was trying to buying the house in fl he was so mean to her I don’t blame her I would divorce him to he was so mean to her on the show

  4. Anonymous

    This guy is a total @$$hole. I’ve watched this show and he has a major attitude and treats her like $h!t. I don’t blame her.

    • Anonymous


  5. Alexa

    I saw clips of the show and Bryan is always taking down to Jenny.

  6. Anonymous

    Never watched the show. Sounds like she is smart to leave him. Too bad he is such a jerk. I have a 3.5 yo and I can’t imagine having 6 of them. It is going to be hard for her. Good for her for standing up for herself and her kids though.

  7. ladyaustin96

    Good for her!! She deserves a partner that is more mature and willing to sacrifice himself for the family. He is not the reason I watch the show! God Bless Jenny and the kids and her extended family!

  8. Anonymous

    maybe bryan and kate goslin should get together

    • Anonymous

      AMEN! was thinking the same thing! So glad to hear she’s leaving him she deserves so much better and she raise’s those 6 kids by herself anyway he doesn’t help her it’s always about him! Total ass!

  9. Anonymous

    I believe having your life displayed for millions of television viewers puts stress on a marriage. Always having to put your best foot forward, camera crews in your face, add to the mix six toddlers, interfering inlaws, a.nd you have the normal stress of marriage. Once these couples decide to make their life open to the public disaster is not far away. It seems we have the controlling wife and the defiant husband all over again…..

  10. Hannah.J

    She would be crazy to stay with him the way he behaved.

  11. caryn

    i have seen the show n i think that she is making a great choice he always talks down 2 her and doesnt help her out much the kids dont need that negativity its going 2 b hard at first but shell manage my prayers go out 2 her

  12. Raquel

    I hope the show will go on….And all is done in the best interest of the kids.I’m glad Jen & the kids are back in the AZ. U can tell Jen really tried to make it work, but was walking on eggshells, even through the humiliation on t.v. she was looking out for the kids. I hope Bryan get help. I think serving in the Air Force, plus his OCD-meds, stress, and carrying his anger built up, was like waiting for a bomb to go off. I think she’s taking the right steps, she could of went straight for a divorce.

  13. Anonymous

    I am so sick of every time a couple doesnt get along they divorce!!! go to therapy!!! marriage is work!!! I have a husband who pull shis weight and helps out but we have 4 kids!! and both work so yes we still have problems … but my kids love us both and love him … and I would do anything to keep my family together…divorce isnt the answer becuase you dont liek you spouse here and there

    • Anonymous

      Divorce is not always the answer but in this case, I think it is. He speaks down to her and I have a feeling it is only a short distance until he starts to hit. He is riding on her coat tails……Thank goodness she has a good job and can support herself and the kids…….Now let me see how did the jerk put it oh yeah….look dude put on your big boy panties and grow the heck up.

  14. Anonymous

    and another thing, he loses his temper so she should leave????????? ok he mad threats, ummm has he hit her? so nobody on these postings has ever fought with their spouse verbally and said thing syou didnt mean out of anger???????? I find that hard to believe…… maybe he should seek therapy for himself to learn how to deal with things and then try working out their marriage the have 6 kids all the same age people…. so you think its better for them to have parents split up ? when the divorce rate is 50% and all these kids in the world are messed up because of it!!!

    • Anonymous

      Abuse does not necessarily come from physical abuse. Have you seen the show this guy is a jerk! he does not deserve to be a father or to be part of these childrens lives! He did want them to begin with. Jenny is better off as a single parent than to be married to this loser.

    • Anonymous

      Wake up and watch the show they have done therapy on a weekly basis and he’s still an ass, so what’s your next suggestion? And I have a family of children who have come from divorce and there not messed up at all! Maybe you just think that it’s ok for a man to treat a woman like a piece of trash, well it’s not it’s time for women to stand up for themselves and there children then maybe we wouldn’t have so many news stories about men killing women and there children and our prisons wouldn’t be full of men who bet there wife or girlfriends!

  15. Anonymous

    I have seen the show from the beginning, being a Lake Havasu resident.
    This Bryan is trashy, useless, rude, bad attitude and definately lazy, sitting on his fat a..all day, I would have kicked him out sooner than later. Good ridance, I think she can do better without him and with all the support from her family. Good Luck! Better safe than sorry!

  16. Anonymous

    I feel very sad for Jenny. Bryan is a jerk. He needs medical attention due to his outburst. It will be tough on Jenny, but she is better off.

  17. Anonymous

    I find it interesting that as an uncredited editor of the show she has shown continously shown him as a bad person (Im not saying he is a saint) but isnt it interesting that they also had this whole thing go down where her family, who has a LOT of money, happens to live. I know for a fact they (they whole family) had a wonderful time over Christmas at his familys house in Lake Havasu City but none of that was shown, I wonder if this wasntt all set up to make sure her religious leaders see him in a bad light thus allowing her divorce (or annulment) to be ok……something to think on people never judge a black widows spider by her web.

  18. Amber

    I read in people magazine today that the couple are planning on going on a get a way together to work on things! Jenny I hope you really reconsider going anywhere with him alone you may not come back, he just reminds me of that type, and I would hate to see those 6 little ones left with no mother cause you are a great mom!

  19. Anonymous

    this show was very disturbing to watch. it was obvious that this was not a good man. his wife, as educated as she is, seems to live in an unreal world, unable to see what is in front of her. the children are generally winey and tired looking. the parents have not yet taught them how to go to bed. the mother is constantly in a state of guilt because she works and therefore these children are whiney and clinging to her constantly. they are not a joy to watch. it is rather painful. i am not sure how this couple and their children ever made it on to national television. there is verbal abuse by the husband often. i am very concerned for the well being of their children. this mother has to start making some descent decisions about herself and these children very soon. if not, find someone that can take better care of them.

  20. Anonymous

    these children have already had a rough start to their lives. and now they have to live with these immature and potentially dangerous parents. the father is a dangerous man and the mother smiles and pretends it is alright. children should stay with their parents in the right conditions. but this is not a good situation. i hope there are good people out there who would like to adopt all of them together so the children could have a happy life.

  21. Jenn

    I’m watching the show as I write this. And since day one when I started watching the show, I told my mom what an idiot he is. He is not only mean & aggressive toward Jenny but also to the kids & her family. She should take those kids & run. You don’t want someone like him raising kids or else you’ll have yet another generation. It’s sad. If he is that much of an ass on camera I can only imagine off camera. You can tell he doesn’t really seem into being with the kids. It’s the episode in the new house where he locks one of the little girls in the bathroom for timeout & he scares her so much she wets her pants!! Who the he’ll does that! Then says well it’s her fault she peed she shouldn’t have been bad. Jenny is an amazing mother! You can tell she wants nothing more than to be with her kids, spend every moment with them, & just love them!! He doesn’t really seem to want to be a dad. He is a risk & I don’t care if he is those kids dad or not. He shouldn’t be around them & if he is then he should be supervised! God only knows what he is capable of. It makes me so angry & sad for Jenny & those kids. They deserve better!?!

  22. Anonymous

    Bryan is the male form of Kate gosslin, he is over powering, aggressive and just down right nasty. I love the show but seeing the childish way he acts makes me mad. Jenny will be fine raising the kids, he didn’t do much to begin with anyways. I’m on your side Jenny! Well done your doing an amazing job

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