Zahara Jolie-Pitt Celebrates Toni Cornell’s Birthday In Style

Oh, to be a celebrity kid! Zahara, daughter of supercouple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt celebrated Toni Cornell’s birthday at American Girl Place in Los Angeles this past weekend.

Toni Cornell is the daughter of singer Chris Cornell. She was turning six years old and is said to be best friends with Zahara. A source tells Life & Style that the party was very small: “It was just Brad, Zahara, the Cornell family and one other little girl. The three girls were inseparable.”

Also inseparable were Brad and Zahara. The source continues, “Brad went around the store holding Zahara’s hand and looking at the dolls and dresses.” How cute of Brad to take his little girl doll shopping!

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Photo credit: DANO20 JAXN/GSI Media/Flynet


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  1. do-be-fooled

    I guess when there is no Shiloh and twins pic no one waste their time. Well princess go girl..out with your dad, looking cute. Love me some Zahara.

  2. Anon1

    Zahara is a beautiful girl but I don’t think this birthday girl is her ‘best friend’ she is always trotting around the world, when do they get to be best friends?

    • SiervaMaria

      First up, grain of salt where L&S is concerned. It is a tab. Second. Remember Chris C is also HW and for all we know, his family and he globe trot too. The JP’s are the only ones who can’t sneeze w/o us knowing that when someone says “gesundheit,” they’re probably saying it in Germany.

  3. Anonymous

    Zahara and the older kids attends the same school whenever they are in LA. A private french school.X17 had pics of Zahara leaving school right before they went to Venice for 3 months. A lot of kids at this school have parents in showbusiness and they go on location with their parents too Toni(bday girl) is her classmate and her father Chris Cornell is a friend of Brad so its possible she has been friends with this girl for years. Kimora Lee Simmons kids attend the same school and she mentioned about 3 years ago that her kids had playdates with JP kids

  4. Anonymous

    BTW there are pics on TMZ inside the party where Brad and Zahara are sitting next to Chris and Toni doing crafts

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