Bristol Palin & Maci Bookout: Celeb Teen Mom BFFs

No doubt about it, life for a single teen mom is challenging. But facing the hardships of young motherhood under the speculation of the media is an altogether unique challenge.

Luckily, 19-year-old celebrity BFFs Bristol Palin and Maci Bookout, star of MTV’s reality show Teen Mom, are facing their challenges together. “I feel like Maci and I have the same situation,” the Dancing with the Stars contestant tells In Touch.

Bristol, mom to 21-month-old Tripp, first met Maci at the Candie’s Foundation Event to prevent teen pregnancy in New York City this summer where, says Bristol, “We talked about experiences we’ve shared.”

Months later, the teens are still keeping in close contact. “The other day, I saw an episode of Teen Mom, and then I texted her, saying, ‘Oh my gosh, I totally went through that exact same thing!’” says Bristol, and adds that “the show doesn’t glamorize teen pregnancy; it’s the raw truth [of ] how difficult it really is.”

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Photo credit: In Touch

  • Jazzie

    Life of a single moms is wavy in nature. Hard because of finances but fun because of the child.

  • Anonymous

    There should really be a law passed that regulates the exploitation of children on reality shows and in tabloids.

  • Anonymous

    bffs? uh not.maci has said herself that she is “nice” but can be “snobbish”

  • mackenzie

    Tripp is adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Maci I thought was a star. Bristol, like the British town, not so much, yuk in fact 🙁

    Come on Maci!!! Get it together gurl!!! We love you, don’t change!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Tripp looks just like his mama.

  • Be

    Look at those cheeks. He’s a cutie.

  • This boy is sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!

  • Jewel

    I would loved to see Bristol win DWTS. Bristol also seens to be A GREAT MAMA. Bristol keep doing what you are doing.. You are Beautifull….You did & awesome 1st. dance. My votes all go to Bristol. OH I have my whole family voting for you.
    Good Luck & Have A Great time.. You have earned it..

  • Alice

    First of all, the boy is so adorable and his mama is gorgeous. Actually being a single mom whatever teenager or adult is a tough task, but if we can get through it.
    We will be stronger and have fun with being moms of our lovely children. And we will realize that how precious they are. Be strong every single mom. Fighting! Thanks for sharing.

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