Jamie Oliver Weighs In On Celebrity Kids

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver worries about the effects his fame may have on his four kids.

Jamie, who has become a brand unto himself with magazines, television shows, cookbooks and more, says that “few children of famous people succeed,” adding that “most of them are little sh**s.”

“My kids are always going to be labelled as ‘Jamie’s child’ so they will need to work harder than anyone else,” he says. “I think my children are very lucky, apart from having me as a dad.”

The very busy dad looks to another UK parent as an example of how it can be done: Stella McCartney, who is currently expecting baby #4,

“I think Stella’s an exception. That would be nice if my kids could be independent and creative and happy like that.”

Jamie and his wife Jools are parents to Poppy, 8, Daisy, 7, Petal, 1, and son Buddy, born earlier this month.

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  • Courtney

    Jamie needs to keep his mouth shut not all celebrity kids grow up to be brats Joely Richardson for one isn’t and both of her parents are oscar winners. why doesn’t he do his research before he opens his mouth and puts his foot in it.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure he would know better than anyone that celebrity kids are brats. Sorry to break it to you. A lot of them are spoiled.

    • Daniella

      He said most of them, not all of them. And considering he’s a celebrity himself, I think he’d know better than most of us. Lots of kids grow up to be little shits, but celebrity kids seem to be more prone to becoming little shits than the general population.

  • olivia

    Courtney you really need to stop with your obsessions with Oscar winner. Please stop every post you write you always has to mention some Oscar winners. For once can you stop? It’s getting annoying.

  • Anonymous

    i pretty much agree with courtney. there doesn’t seem to be a way that jamie has met every celebrity kid and every adult child of celebrities, and given them all some legitimate test of their “s***tiness.” By singling out Stella McCartney, he makes it sound like he really has met every one of them, and only Stella was okay.

    Anyway, plenty of “regular” kids turn out to be s***s, too.

  • Anonymous

    Well I guess his kids are going to be s*ts too. He is famous so he is going to eat his own words.

  • Anonymous

    This is coming from someone who isn’t even around his four children enough to even contribute to how they are going to be raised. He works ridiculous hours. He’s not raising them, Jools and the nannies are.

  • Anonymous

    He is actually totally right. It is a lot harder when you have a ton of money and at least one parent that is more likely than not working all the time. I’ve babysat for children of two families with famous parents and people just treat them differently. He said he was worried and rightly so. I’m sure they can turn out well but it is a reality that they will be judged and viewed for better and worse because of their father.

    And duh, of course he hasn’t met every celebrity child. What a silly thing to say. His point is that he is concerned because he wants happy and fulfilled children and this is hard for everyone, especially children of the rich and famous who often times get lost in the shadow of their parents. But, I think these kids have a great chance because their parents are full of heart and soul. Jools rocks. At least her book did. She was honest and thoughtful and doing the best she can for her kids.

  • Da

    Aww they look so responsible looking after their siblings.

  • Courtney

    alot of regular kids are spoiled to so he should keep his mouth shut. the example I gave previously is the same as Stella though Melissa only has 2 sons and they’ve been raised in the guest house on the property where she and her sisters grew up

  • Anonymous

    I love this picture of his family, his children look so sweet and wholesome. Love how the girls are dressed. Jools looks good to for just having had a baby the day before. Lovely family wishing them all the best 🙂

  • Anonymous

    should be *too*

  • Anna

    It has nothing to do with being famous it has to do with the way you raise your children. If you spoil your child and give them whatever they want whether you’re famous or middle to lower class your kids are more than likely are going to be brats with no drive in life and who are always going to expect people to cater to them instead of doing thing for themselves. If you raise your children to have respect for others and themselves and to work hard for what they want in life then the kids are more than likely turn out alright.

  • Anonymous

    I think he’s a little sh*t.

  • Molly

    Hate to break it to him, but plenty of children are “little s****,” regardless of whether their parents are famous. I took dance lessons and went to high school with the daughter of a famous football player who is a legend in my hometown (where he is also from) and while she clearly had everything she wanted and then some, she was admirably nice and down to earth. Contrast that with the countless “little s****” amongst our peers who were spoiled little brats and walked around acting entitled as she was-and, to a large extent, alienating her socially because of this bubble surrounding her family-and it’s clear that it has to do with upbringing more than pedigree/name. Yes, celebrity kids have to fight harder because of their family legacy, but that doesn’t necessarily make them any worse than anyone else behavior-wise. I think the bigger problem is child behavior in general and how it’s not permissible to let your kid act like a spoiled punk, regardless of family income or fame.

  • Molly

    Sorry, should say, “…how it’s now permissible…”

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