Samantha Harris: “I Feel So Lucky So Far”

Hot mama Samantha Harris is preparing to “get out of the house with two to wrangle.” The Entertainment Tonight correspondent and her husband Michael Hess are expecting their second child in January 2011. The expectant mom opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her “wonderful and easy” pregnancy, how she struggles to find time for herself and her 3-year-old daughter Josselyn who enjoys the stage just like mom!

CBS: Congrats on your pregnancy! How are you feeling so far?
SH: “I feel so lucky so far. It was a wonderful and easy first trimester and so far in my second trimester, it’s been similar. Tired though, of course!”

CBS: How has this pregnancy differed from your first?

SH: “It’s been very similar thus far. Although with Josselyn, I didn’t have many cravings. This time, and maybe because during the summer the fruit was so succulent, I craved lots of citrus as well as nectarines and peaches.”

CBS: You look amazing! What is your pregnancy workout regime?

SH: “Thank you! The pressure is definitely on this time around since I didn’t gain much and lost it all so fast the first pregnancy. That’s hard to live up to.

Like my first pregnancy, I wear a heart monitor and have reduced my intensity greatly. With my increased work schedule – now that I am at my dream job with Entertainment Tonight – and my need to spend as much non-working time with my little sweetpea Jossely, workouts have been harder to come by.

When I do workout – an attempted 4-5 times a week – I change it up. Most weekends, my husband Michael and I try to do one stroller walk/jog and then grab a yummy brunch somewhere nearby.

On my own time, I try to get to a cardio barre or bootcamp class as often as possible, but usually it’s not nearly as often as I’d like. Often times, you’ll find me on the CBS studio let between tapings sneaking in a 30 minute outdoor stair-climbing workout, or rallying my make-up artist and assistant for a weight workout to hip-hop music in my dressing room. It’s quite hilarious, but we all feel better afterward.”

CBS: What are you most looking forward to with the second child?

SH: “Having a tiny, warm, soft baby to cuddle close while feeding and have the baby fall asleep on my chest. Those moments are too fleeting.”

CBS: What part are you struggling to be excited about?

SH: “Having to get out of the house with two to wrangle.”

CBS: Do you know the gender?

SH: “We are waiting until the baby’s born! We did it with Josselyn and it was such a wonderful surprise to have at the end of a long pregnancy.”

CBS: Have you picked out any names you’d like to share with us?

SH: “We are narrowing in on a boy and a girl name. Even once we decide, even our parents won’t know until the delivery day. It’s fun to keep a secret only Michael and I know.”

CBS: How are you preparing Josselyn for big-sisterhood?

SH: “We have some books we read her. She also has baby dolls to practice on. Mostly, we just talk about it with her. She’s pretty quick, but we do worry she’ll feel a little neglected as all parents feel since the first child gets incredibly showered with attention by everyone. It may be hard to share the stage.”

CBS: How do you think she’ll react once the baby arrives?

SH: “Oh boy! We can only hope she will be elated!”

CBS: How is Josselyn doing? What is she into these days?

SH: “Jossie is 3 now (September 23) and it’s so fun how much of a little person she is. My favorite thing she does is singing and dancing, especially when she makes us sit down and ‘Shhhhhh’ and watch her do a show on the ‘stage.’ She often sings ‘Roxie’ from Broadway’s Chicago, which I performed in last summer.

CBS: What does she do to make you laugh?

SH: “Everything! Silly faces, funny voices. She’s such fun!”

CBS: Are you planning to take a maternity leave?

SH: “To be determined.”

CBS: What are your nanny plans once you return to work?

SH: “We already, thankfully, have an incredible nanny who will likely bring the new baby to the studio each day. I have a little playroom set up for Jossie in my office that will double as a nursery.”

CBS: Last time we chatted, you shared your struggles with mommy guilt. Have things improved since then?

SH: “With Jossely in preschool, the guilt ebbs and flows. Some days it’s really hard because I don’t get to take her to or pick her up from school often. And that kills me.”

CBS: You said that you put yourself in the last position of priorities. Is this still the case? Do you think it’s important for moms to put themselves high on the priority list and practice self-care?

SH: “I honestly think until the kids are in college, I won’t really ever be able to put myself totally in anything but last position. But that said, it’s important to take care of myself. My workouts are essential to this end, and to my sanity. Also, I will indulge in a $30 1-hour Thai chair massage down the street from our house from time to time!”

CBS: Are you working with any charities?

SH: “I have been a member of Feeding America‘s entertainment council. It’s a wonderful charity – the nation’s leading hunger relief organization.”

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  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for these ladies who work and work and work. Life goes by so fast and these babies grow so quickly- you look back and wonder was this job really worth it. The nannies raise their kids. I know they earn good money but at what price- the price is not seeing their first step, leaving before breakfast and coming home after dinner….

  • Anonymous

    I think it will be interesting to see what she does for maternity leave. Last time she took hardly any maternity leave and that is awful. A couple of weeks is not enough. Most companies give 6 weeks to 3 months as a minimum. She says they are only small once, but will she take the time to be with her baby, help her old daughter transition or put career first again? We shall see!

  • Jessie

    I’m sorry, but is her skin like that because of a bad spray tan or the lighting?

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