Angelina Jolie: Knox & Vivienne “Speak More French Than English”

Très adorable!

The Jolie-Pitt twins, Knox and Vivienne, are only 2, but they already know how to speak French!

They speak more French than English,” mama Angelina Jolie recently said. “We have a French teacher who’s always with them.”

The teachers are actually French nannies, Life & Style reports. “Because the nannies do so much day-to-day care, the twins naturally speak in French,” an insider says. “But Angie encourages it. She’s always been obsessed with the idea that educated people speak French as a second language.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I think knowing a second language is great.

  2. Anonymous

    the question is:
    Does angelina speak in english?

  3. Anonymous

    Life & Style has fug the truth once again they do have teachers that French not nannies they have other teachers that speak languages from each of the kids birth places She herself has said the back when she was pregnant with the twins during interviews for kung fu panda . She’s not “obsessed with the idea educated people speaking French as a second language” Angelina and brad have said many time that the kids speak more and better FRENCH then them. Angelina also said that she love France and that her mom is French and she what’d her kids to know her grandmother language.

  4. Anonymous

    I hope Angelina & Brad speak French otherwise they wouldn’t be able to converse with their kids.

  5. Anonymous

    Angelina has never said her mother was French Her mother was French Canadian and grew up in Chicago. The older kids attend a private school where the curiculum is taught in French.Also she said they a Congolese nanny from Belgian who speaks French and a teacher who is multilingual(including Vietnamese) travels with them. BTW Angie and the kids are in Budapest according to news reports and BP will join them when he wraps Moneyball . There are pics of the schools(Maddox/Pax at one school, the girls at another school) the kids will attend at yuku jjb

  6. Anon1

    Am sorry but this is hard to believe, unless of course she spends no time with them, she can hardly speak any French, how then can her kids who are 2 years old speak a language that their primary carer (if she is their primary carer that is) is not conversant with and their siblings do not use? This is classic Angelina Jolie making up stories.

  7. Debbie

    That’s fabulous!It is so important to expose kids to two or three languages at that age!

  8. tkwe

    they probably know a couple of words. They’re 2 yrs old, there’s not much “talking” here 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    GMAB Brad has been seen alone with Zahara once this year. Zahara is Brad’s first daughter and she will always be the first daughter to call him daddy. In 2008 she ,mentioned her kids were learning French . Maddox has been attending a French School for 4 years so the older kids may be speaking to the twins in French too. I think its great that they are exposed to Vietnamese, Khmer, French. Also Brad mentioned they learned some German when he was filming in Berlin. Anon1 aka Angie hater must be from the U.K. using a term like “carer”. Very Interesting. BTW her twins can speak French the same way my son can speak Spanish despite the fact that I can’t I instruct my nanny to speak to him only in Spanish so he will be bilingual Oh and yes since I work full time 8hrs a day and he sleeps 12 hrs a day she is with him more than me 5 days a week. So I guess I’m a” bad “working mom.

    • Anonymous

      And Shiloh is the first daughter who looks like him AND shares DNA to call him Daddy. You’re acting like Zahara is somehow more special than the others. Shiloh and Vivienne saying Daddy is equally as special as Zahara saying it.

      • Anonymous

        I was responding to a comment that has been removed that said Brad only seems to be intersted in Zahara. I’m tired of Zahara being treated like she is second class in the media. She is cropped out of pics so the pics only show Shiloh. On one site the headline said” Shiloh goes shopping” when Zahara was there too. Or magazines asking J Voight only about Shiloh ignoring the other kids or putting Shiloh on People Magazine Twins cover. So basically putting all the white kids on the cover. I am adoptive parent and it pisses me off when people refer to biological daughter as my “real” daughter. I’m sure if you asked Brad about his first daughter he would say Zahara.

        • Anonymous

          I’m sure he does but what if Zahara was adopted after Shiloh was born… would it still be his “first daughter” or just “oldest daughter”? (I’m actually curious and I’m sure you can answer me!)

    • Anonymous

      Brad also cried when Shiloh was born. There were obviously strong feelings there.

  10. Anonymous

    Uh… good for them.
    Speaking other languages is very good and seems like Americans usually don’t care about it, since they think everyone in the world should speak English.
    I speak 3 and hopefully will speak 2 more someday.
    It’s terrible to be in a place where people don’t speak your language.
    And France is a place where LOTS of people does not speak English and comunication can be pretty complicated if you don’t speak any French. I knew a few words, and also speak English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently and sometimes had a hard time there.
    So… good for them.

  11. Anonymous

    Lourdes speaks french perfectly ! Im french and I noticed she did’nt have any english accent. I think it is important too speak many languages.

  12. Anonymous

    I love the way Life & Style magazine takes quotes from other magazines put them as their own and then twist it what she said around add stuff from unknown souses to make her look like a bad mother.

  13. Cabos

    Sooo…they spend more time with their nannies/teachers than her. Cause she doesn’t speak French.

  14. Anonymous

    I love Angelina but I don’t see why little kids need to be confused about their mother tongue. It’s good to wait a bit until they are 5 or so… kids learn languages so fast. I started learning English when I was 10 years old and still caught up rather quickly. Besides, English is way nicer than French (IMHO).


    I think she is just being a smart mom, and I wish my parents had done the same for me. Angelina’s children will learn to speak English just fine because they are surrounded by it.

    If she continues this with French schools later etc, her children will be at such an incredible advantage.

    A lot of Hollywood examples you shouldn’t follow, but this one is good. If you can afford to hire nannies speaking the language you want your children to learn, then do it.

    Brent Van Arsdell

  16. Anonymous

    They speak French because they spend more time with their nanny than with their parents.

  17. Santiago's mom

    Kids are amazing at picking up languages. Just think about all they pick up from hearing “new friends” at the playground. I don’t see how people think it so far-fetched that the children speak french or why some people find it almost offensive. My mother’s side is Chinese-Filipino — my mother grew up in the Philippines and learned 3 dialects plus English (which she speaks fluently); my father is Filipino and speaks Spanish, English and 4 Filipino dialects fluently; my husband is Filipino and speaks English with the same accent as I do (he also is fluent in Castillian Spanish). I was born in Canada and English is my mother-tongue though my elementary through high school education was in “French immersion.” My children speak English as their first language (this is what we speak at home), understand basic Pilipino, and are enrolled in Mandarin immersion school programs. I also read to them from French books and I have been using French with them interchangeably since they were born. My 5 year old switches between English, Mandarin, Pilipino, and French. My 3 year old is the same. Later on they will take French as a Second Language because it is Canada’s other official language. I am just saying, it is not such a big deal that children learn to speak other languages or “code-switch”. Children are extremely intelligent and will pick up whatever they hear, whether it is French, English, or swear words from the bigger kids at the playground or “adult” lingo from the television. It does not really require a large amount of exposure. They are like sponges. I’m sure that people in Europe who usually speak several languages can attest to this.

  18. Anonymous

    Can’t stand this woman…sorry. When is she going to take that LOOOONNG break she keeps promising so she can spend time with her family ????

    • Anonymous

      She does take long breaks. She only films one movie a year. That leaves months and months of free time to spend with her children. She spends a lot more time with her kids than normal working moms spend with their children. She’s extremely lucky that she has a career which allows her so much free time. I wish I were as lucky.

    • Anonymous

      Angie didn’t film from Nov 2007 when she wrapped Changeling until Feb 2009( 15 months off) when she started Salt . She worked on Salt until May 2009 . She didn’t film again until late Feb 2010(off 9 months) on the The Tourist . She wrapped Tourist in May 2010. So 2008 no films. 2009 1 film-SalT, 2010 1 film-The Tourist. BTW If you can’t stand her then don’t read posts about her its not rocket science, dear.

  19. Anonymous

    Her kids are going to be fluently bilingual or tri-lingual. I live in Eastern Canada and many French Canadians grow up learning to speak French first and then English . My son is 2 and like her twins, he speaks more French than English. I am English, his father is French-Canadian and his caregiver is French. I speak a bit of English to him sometimes but don’t want to confuse him. French is much harder to learn than English (take it from me and a lot of other Anglophones) so I’m not worried about him picking up English later on even if he goes to French school all day. Her kids are going to be fluently bilingual or tri-lingual, a definite plus don’t you think?

  20. Anonymous

    I do not understand how people can post negtive comments on here! This is so beneficial for her children. I speak English, Irish, French, Spanish and italian. As a result of this I will be able to get many jobs when I’m older and I’m sure it will open up lots of opportunities for me as I ill be able to live in many different countries and converse with the locals and work.

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