Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Loretta and Tabitha wear Bonpoint Griotte Red and Verdigris Blouses – $125

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  • chloe

    Wow — having twins is expensive. I have a hard time feeling that it’s okay for me to buy myself a 125-dollar shirt, let alone for a baby… times TWO!

  • Heart

    Beautiful 2baby

  • Carrie

    I read somewhere she makes her son wear hand me downs?! This doesn’t make sence to me?!

    • Janna

      Maybe the clothes were a gift? Maybe the designer sent them to her?

  • Anonymous

    That turns my stomach. There are kids who don’t have enough to eat.

  • Anonymous

    Her son wears hand me downs from her older nephews but who says these blouses weren’t a gift?

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