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@Busyphilipps25 Pretty much the epitome of cool.

@DENISE_RICHARDS planning another trip to NY for press..this time taking my girls!! theyre so excited they’ve never been!! gonna be so much fun!!

@NiecyNash Ok, so what would be better- write the vows and practice them or speak from the heart? I might tell too many jokes w/out a plan!

@xzibit You can’t feed your family with “good intentions” or “maybe’s”. Get up,get out, and get it done. XZ

@MellyJHart Met Bristol and Mama Palin tonight and was so impressed with the humble sweet nature of both ladies!

@askjillian Love hearing all of your adoption stories!! So amazing. Everyone has a story some sadder than others but all equally amazing. Thank you!!!

@michellebranch If my daughter makes me watch Marmaduke one more time, I seriously might lose it 🙂 why can’t she love The Goonies as much as her mama??

@Wersching Soooo….does a 7 wk old little dude count as a second person for the carpool lane….??? 🙂

@kikilet girls jst got back from animal haven. i love that my kiddies donate their time. what did u do today?

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  • Nilesh Shukla

    Hey cute babay in Red looks like Angel.

    Nilesh Shukla

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