Amanda Beard: “My Biggest Challenge Is Definitely Motherhood”

Amanda Beard is a four-time Olympic swimmer, model and new mom to 1-year-old son Blaise. The fit mama insists that her Olympic world records don’t even compare to the hard work of motherhood.

While she’s training for the 2012 London Olympics, Amanda says that juggling motherhood and her athletic career takes dedication and tons of practice. The new mom also opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her son’s first birthday, how motherhood has “drastically changed” her perspective on life and her new partnership with Aqua Sphere.

CBS: You are a four-time Olympic swimmer and new mom. What has been your biggest challenge in life so far – motherhood or the Olympics?

AB: “My biggest challenge is definitely motherhood. My son and family are the most important aspects of my life. So I try and make sure to be a great mother and wife. Which any wife or mother can tell you isn’t always easy.”

CBS: Your son Blaise Ray just turned 1! How has his first year been? What is he into?

AB: “Wow. The first year is full of changes. From having a tiny baby at home to having a little boy running around the house with a light saber. It’s been a roller coaster of fun.”

CBS: What have you learned about yourself now that you’re a mother? How has motherhood changed you?

AB: “Being a mom has changed me completely. My perspective on life and what matters has drastically changed. My whole focus is Blaise and making sure he gets what he needs on a daily basis.”

CBS: How did you celebrate Blaise’s first birthday?

AB: “We had two parties. One was Blaise, my husband Sacha, and I doing a family dinner and opening presents and the other one was a big Star Wars themed party. Our friends dropped off a darth vadar piñata that was almost as big as me! It was a blast.”

CBS: You just signed up as the new spokesperson for Aqua Sphere. Tell us about these products.

AB: “I have come to a point in my life were I want comfort and ease. My life is so hectic that I needed a company who designed swimwear that fit my body and I didn’t need to stress about. I have been training in Aqua Sphere suits for a couple of months now and I love them! They are cute and ridiculously comfortable.”

CBS: Are you training for the London 2012 Olympics? If so, how do you manage your training schedule and motherhood?

AB: “I’m definitely training till 2012. The way I manage things is Blaise comes first then swimming. As long as I’m working hard at both and nothing gets neglected I feel like I can excel as a mom and athlete.”

CBS: Tell us about your modeling career. Are you hoping to do more modeling in the future? Any acting?

AB: “Hahaha. Acting. I would totally do it, but I don’t know who would watch. And as for modeling, if people want to shoot me I will pose.”

CBS: If you are working on any other projects or with any charities, please feel free to discuss.

AB: “I am currently taking part of Aqua Sphere’s Swim Challenge, which benefits Prostate and Breast Cancer research. The event runs through November and all you have to do to take part is sign up, swim and log your hours in the pool. Click here for more information.

** You can tweet with Amanda at her Twitter account: @AmandaRayBeard

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