Jennifer Garner’s Soccer Stars!

A fresh faced Jennifer Garner was spotted with her gorgeous girls – Violet, 4 ½, and Seraphina, 1 ½ – at the Soccer Kids USA class at Crestwood Hills Park in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday afternoon (October 2).

The 38-year-old actress looked to be having a blast with her daughters while her mother-in-law, Chris Affleck, watched on.

We last spotted Violet and her mama on Tuesday as they made their way to ballet class in LA.

Violet and Seraphina’s daddy is Jennifer’s hubby of 5-years, Ben Affleck.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast New/Fame Pictures/Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    I’ve had enough of this family. The yogurt trips and the soccer games are getting a little old. Stalk someone else.

  2. isabelle

    I’m getting tired of the garner family too. We see this family daily. I can understand why people would get tired of the garner family.

  3. Anonymous

    Love this family! So cute!

  4. Anonymous

    Soccer in dresses? Uhm..okay. :-\

  5. Anonymous

    I like the Afflecks too, but do they ever stay home? I’ve been wondering this for a few weeks. Didn’t they just build a $16 million home in California? It seems like they’re never in it!

  6. Anonymous

    They’re not asking to be photographed. Its a good thing that they are spending time with their kids. To the negative comments: who the hell asked you to leave a comment?

  7. Shell

    I have a 2800 sq. ft. and I leave it everyday with my kids. We go to soccer, ballet, grocery shopping, one to pre-school, etc. I take one if not both of my kids with me on nearly every outing. This family seems very typical to most families I know.

  8. tell the website not us

    They are not out there every day..!! Please and tell me who Ali Landry is
    we see her in the baby websites but who is she..??>>So tell me what do
    BTW every other post is not them…Ok if you the comment page have a
    complaint than e mail the baby websites who YES BUY THE PHOTOS AND
    TELL THEM do not waste this page by your comments..


    THE WEBSITE …O.K …NOT THE COMMENT PAGE JUST BECAUSE JEN does not look great so when do FED UP WITH ALL THE REMARKS..DO you need to put on makeup and a dress to go to a soccer game.. do the other moms there dress like her YES.

  10. Anonymous

    It seems as if some blame Jennifer Garner when the site feature stories about her and her family doing pretty much what all normal families do on any given day. And yet, they is always as least a dozen or more comments on each post, some complaining, some in defense and some in admiration.

    To answer the question, why, it elementary, the more comments on articles show an interest and keeps the blog site going and therefore more stories are produced.

    My friends and I like to say take your complaints to Helen Wait….*Go to hell and wait”. LOL

  11. Anonymous

    Enough of these kids already. They are JUST KIDS like everyone else has. JG has to hover over the soccer ball, hold it and kick it for the kid. And she puts her in a dress to play soccer in? The husband is NEVER with them. Very disfunctional looking to me. Affleck must be done with the charade.

  12. gini

    im sure her kids love getting out and playing everyday….geez if we never saw them you would be complaining that she keeps her kids cooped up too much…my goodness stop whining

  13. Anonymous

    This woman hovers over these kids so much it is sickening. Let them run! That’s what they are there for. Very insecure parenting.

  14. Anonymous

    Is Violet wearing a dress tucked into a skirt? I like this family, but their oufits always leave me wondering if they get dressed in the dark!

  15. Anonymous

    I think Violet has a hard time socializing with other kids, that is why she looks upset and her Mom has to stay near. I think that her parents probably dote on her and she gets what she wants and now they kind of have that in her when she is on a team sport or even in school. I have done the same but I think it explains why Jen is the Mom out there holding her hand when most parents are on the sidelines. I think you do it out of love but you make it hard for your child to learn how to share and play with other kids. I love this family but I think if they play soccer they should wear shorts and shin guards, if you get a ball kicked to you it hurts without them.

  16. Anonymous

    their house is 8,800 square feet so I think you can’t compare your life to theirs lol.

  17. Anonymous

    With all of the money they have, you would think they could at least get her a good pair of sneakers to kick a ball with.

    • Anonymous

      She’s four years old. It’s not the English Premier League. Clearly it’s just kids running around having fun, not a competitive league. There’s nothing wrong with her shoes. Perhaps you should try not to be such an uptight, busybody jerk.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, sounds like somebody could use a friend. Must be lonely trolling the comment sections seeking out anything to stir up trouble so that you can have an interaction with anyone. Bottom line…common sense, you don’t send a kid to swim in a snowsuit, or flip flops to run a race regardless if it is the olympics or childrens sports. If you are going to play a sport that requires kicking a ball, you wear a shoe meant for kicking…not a casual walking shoe.

  18. Anonymous

    I have a 4 year old that plays soccer and when other kids kick it to you it hits you gues where? The shins. Really, they wear shin guards and cleats and are just 4 year olds. I just might know what I am saying. I am not just basing my opinion on this pics but on lots of them.

  19. Audrey

    If the league required it of them I’m sure they would have her playing in shin guards and specific shoes. Since she isn’t, it must just be a very laid back league.

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