Khloe Kardashian Is Scared To Get Pregnant

She’s not pregnant yet – though she says that she and her husband Lamar Odom are trying to conceive – but reality star Khloe Kardashian already has a few worries about pregnancy and motherhood.

The youngest of the Kardashian sisters tells US that she has three big concerns:

  1. After watching her older sister Kourtney give birth to Mason last December, Khloe says, “Kourtney made it look easy, but I don’t believe it. I’m scared of the epidural needle in my back!”
  2. “I’m scared of gaining weight and not being able to lose it after,” admits Khloe, who lost 20lbs last year.
  3. “Mason is so good, he never cries!” she exclaims. “I don’t think that could happen twice in the family!”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Jennifer

    I just love her! Her attitude & spunk is awesome! I hope she gets the child she wants. I, however, don’t see her thin after she starts having children. She will never be model thin. I love how she knows this and embraces it!

    • Anonymous

      Khloe is without any personality or skills, period. Who cares what she looks like. She whines throughout her reality show; I’m embarassed to say I watched ONE. Also, she is obviously jealous of her sister Kim. Watch her when there are any family functions, photos or videos of them. She hates Kim because the human eye automatically looks at Kim. It can’t be helped. Kim is beautiful, and soft spoken, everything Khloe will never be. Just accept it, and be quiet. Go on with your stupid meaningless life.

  • hopeso

    She is the best and only real K—sisters….LOVE HER

  • Anonymous

    Blah, blah, blah! Who cares! Please do not reproduce!

  • Anonymous

    1. Don’t get the epidural.
    2. It’s worth it.
    3. All babies cry. All of them.

  • J.

    If the baby does not cry, something is wrong (possible development problems?).
    A baby who is NOT feisty and alert may be autistic or have MR.
    A healthy, smart baby cries naturally ! You want your baby to be alert !!

  • Courtney

    that isn’t neccessarily true not all babies that don’t cry alot have developmental issues. for the most part I didn’t cry alot when I was a baby though I didn’t speak until I was 3 and later became autistic because of my parents suspect Vacinations or reactions to them.

    • Anonymous

      shut upyou are so full of bs

  • niny

    Khloe i have 5 g0in 0n 6 kids n they were all very g00d babies n r all very smart n i think u can lose the baby weight afther u jus have 2 want it n really put ur mind 2 it s0 fuk wat sum 0f these dumbass r saying n g00d luck dnt b scared 0f m0ther h00d its the best feeling ever=] x0x0x0 l0ve ya

    • Anonymous

      I hope your kids don’t sound as as stupid as you do. Thick or what? Surprised you managed to do the math question to get your reply to post.

    • Anonymous

      Ya I totally agree! god some people are so ignorant with big chips on their shoulder! how can people be so rude to somebody they dont even know! grow up!
      Best of luck Khloe. you should just go for it

  • Anonymous

    cause she will get even fatter

  • Ashleigh

    my baby doesnt cry that much 🙂
    hes a good little man 🙂

    I had an epidural and i am glad i did because i dont think that i could have given birth without it. yeah its scary but trust me, in the end it is worth being a little scared about the needle because it numbs the pain a bit.

    forget about what the haters say, Khloe you and Lamar will make gorgeous babies 🙂

    • Shalla <3

      Thank Yhu ! iTotally Aqree !

  • Shalla <3

    Khloe Dew Waht Yhu Want Noo Onee Kan Control Yhur Liifee Buh Chu ! Preqnancy Kan Beeh Scaryy Buh Most Fiirst Tiimee Motherss Aree Scared ! Buh Ihtss Thee Bestt Feeliinq Yhu Will Ever Havee In Yhur Liifee Issh Knowiinq Yhu Havee Ah Babiiee Yhu && Yhur Hubbiiee Madee 2woo Gethaa Soo Forqett Waht Othaa Ppl Seyy iF Yhu Want Children Havee Them Thatss Part Of Thiis Thiinq Kalled L I F E ! Reproducee Gurl ! Yhur Gonnaah Havee Beautiful Babiieess !

  • Anonymous

    Khloe ur awesome and u and lamar deserve to be happy…..if ur scared about the epidural ask about different options….I hate needles so I didn’t get epidural and gave birth twice. U will be a great mom!

  • Maddy

    OMG some of these people are just ignorant … if you hate Khloe so much why come to this site?? So you can post hate mail? Nice. Anyways who is to say she even sees this site? are you all morons? Khloe if you do indeed read this you have to do this or not do this because it is what you and your husband want. Not anyone else. Epidurals are not bad but your pain tolerance could be totally different than half of the mothers. As for the weight gain pffffft – you lost it once, you could do it again. You always are there to give your sisters somewhat good advice so why question or doubt yourself now? I tried the asking and listening to everyone about pregnancy and delivery and I was insane the first time. Do what your heart and head tell you not some of these post freaks!! Good luck in whatever you decide.

  • susan

    Her concerns are very typical. Every new mother worries about the unknowns. I’m sure she will be a great mother and her delivery will be okay.

  • Steph

    Lol, I love Khloe. But, Khlo, you’ve got QuikTrim! What’s the problem? Lose another 20 pounds THEN get pregnant, have baby, breast feed – drop more pounds and finish it off with QuikTrim again when the doctors okay it. Or does QT not work? Lmao…Oh. Nevermind.

  • Anonymous

    have babiess pleaseee! i want to see a little mixed kardashian running around!

  • Karen Brown

    Khloe, I just want to say I am the biggest fan ever of you and your family. Would be super excited if I ever got to meet you all. I have four babies, the last to are twins. My oldest son never cried and is super sweet and isn’t autistic he is very smart so don’t listen to jealous peoples comments. I didn’t have the epidural this my first to and i am scared of pain but the birth wasn’t painful at all. Being a mother is worth the pain anyway. I am 125lbs so yes you can lose the weight if you want. Now I am a single mom and in the military and wont change being a mommy for anything. I love your personality and I know you and Lamar will be awesome parents. Good luck in all you do Doll.

  • Anonymous

    Go ahead have that baby and its gonna b cute and a mix breed too mix breeds r always cute I hope he or she has ur color eyes good luck don’t get mad if u gain a lil weight ur ass will finally b bigger than.Kims

  • Sidra

    Hey khloe doll,
    If you read this fkin ignore dese low ppl who hav nuffin betta to do but leave shit lyk this on sites. if u u aint gt anyfin nice to say dnt type it u sad freaks. Anyways go ahead and hav a baby it will b awsome your baby will be gorjuuuss. All first tym mums are scared its natural bt wen u hav that baby in ur arms its all worth it trust me. I hope i get a chance 2 meet u lurrrv yhuu xoxoxo…

  • Anonymous

    First of all Khloe is the PRETTIEST of the oldest Kardashian sisters, Kim is a plastic fake mess who cant even keep a man so what does that tell you. If I recall they was begging Khloe to go on dates yet shes the first one married!!!! Kim is turning into an old hag, and Kourtney is so desperate she’ll let Scott walk all over her ass on national television and wont care. Khloe is the realest, sexiest one. So what if shes not 105lbs? Shes a tall amazon goddess! Why you have to hate on the girl who actually looks like a real human? Everyone is soooo after Hollywood for a change and yet when chicks are made of plastic the public eats it up! Stop hating on Khloe and get a life!!!!

    • tabitha

      y is everyone always hating on kim stop bein haters pple. all 3 of the all of the kardashian girls r beautiful pple grow up n stop being haters!!!

  • shamina

    kids are a blessing take it from a mother of two kids… I love you & keep your head up & i will keep you in my prayers



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