Oksana Grigorieva Accuses Mel Gibson Of Dropping Baby Lucia

It looks as though drama will continue to spiral around Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson. RadarOnline.com reports that Oksana – who is mom to 11-month-old baby Lucia with the 54-year-old Braveheart star – has claimed that Mel “dropped” their daughter after leaving her alone to go outside for a cigarette.

This claim was made on August 2, during the Russian musician’s deposition during the couple’s court battle for custody. Oksana told to Mel’s lawyers that her then 2-month-old daughter had to be treated by a doctor “because Mel dropped her and she needed to be seen by [a] chiropractor.”

“I ran downstairs and he already picked her up and told me that he did something stupid,” she explained. “He didn’t say very much, he was upset and I took Lucia and I was – I didn’t say anything to him. I asked him how it happened, and what had happened and how he found her, and he explained everything to me. Showed where she fell from and I analyzed her and looked at her eyes.”

She added that her daughter cried for about twenty minutes after the incident.

I looked at her bruises – not bruises but the bump on her front and the bump on her back, back of the head and the front of the head and analyzed that – but she looked focused. After initial shock of crying and, of course, I consoled her and she stopped crying eventually.

Oksana went on to say that “since Lucia didn’t show signs of serious injury… there was no need to take her to an emergency room.”

When pressed by the court, she described how her former partner had propped Lucia up with a pillow on a table “so literally she was sitting on a slide on top of the table.” She added: “I think he went to have a smoke and she slid down.”

Mel’s lawyer questioned the distraught mom about this claim, to which she responded: “I thought he did, I’m not sure… Because he said he left her for just a minute.”

Recently it was revealed that an agreement signed by both Mel and Oksana in May gives the Lethal Weapon star joint custody of their daughter. Later, after claiming she wasn’t aware that Mel would be granted unsupervised visits, she disavowed it. Their custody battle has become particularly heated after Oksana would not allow Mel to see his child on Father’s Day.

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    im so sick of this woman, im starting not to believe a word she says anymore

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