Lucinda Scala Quinn: Bring Back The Family Meal

Celebrity chef Lucinda Scala Quinn has three “mad hungry” sons: Calder, 23, Miles, 19, and Luca, 16. After hearing ‘Mom, I’m mad hungry! What’s for dinner?’ one too many times, Lucinda decided to create a new daily cooking series, Mad Hungry With Lucinda Scala Quinn.

Lucinda, The long time food editor for Martha Stewart Living, opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about how her boys inspire her to be a better chef, how to bargain with picky eaters and the importance of prioritizing meal time with your family. Not to mention her admiration for “hands-on” mom and the “nicest person ever,” celeb mom Jennifer Garner.

CBS: Tell us all about your new daily cooking series, Mad Hungry With Lucinda Scala Quinn.

LSQ: “Mad Hungry is based on my book of the same title: Mad Hungry: Feeding Men And Boys. It started when my sons who would be sitting in front of the fridge, starving, saying, ‘Mom, I’m mad hungry! What’s for dinner?’

Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn on the Hallmark channel is a half hour real life, real time show. There’s a daily action plan of how to put good for you, feel good food on the table for your family, friends and loved ones.”

CBS: Your new show is geared toward busy – and hungry! – families. What is your best advice to parents who say they’re too busy to cook proper meals every night?

LSQ: “The first tenant in my book says ‘decide what’s important to you.’ If eating together and serving proper meals is of value to you, make it a priority. Our lives can be so busy but we have no problem running around for soccer practice, dance class, PTA meeting, etc. This is no different.

A conscious commitment must be made and followed. Prep in advance, do one-pot meals, economize your resources. These are all the things I show how to do on Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn.”

CBS: You were the long time food editor for Martha Stewart Living. Tell us what that job was like. Was Martha a tough boss?

LSQ: “Martha knows what she wants and likes. She gets a bad rap for being tough, but really, look at what she’s done by being ‘tough’ (which really means uncompromising). She’s created a muti-platform business and brand that’s well known and respected for top quality and taste. She actually gave me my first big break. I learn from Martha every time I’m with her.”

CBS: Who are some of your favorite celebrities that came onto the show? Is Martha’s biggest fan, Jennifer Garner, really that nice and a good cook?

LSQ: “On The Martha Steward Show, Harrison Ford because I love him! On Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn, we’ll have guests too. Not A-list stars per se, but friends and family that love to cook, learn and eat with me.”

Jennifer Garner is great! I did an event with her in April and she is a real cook. The nicest person ever and she loves the hands-on of being a mom.”

CBS: You are mom to 3 boys. What are their names and ages? What are they into?

LSQ: “I am! Calder is 23, Miles is 19 and Luca is 16. They’re all so different and diverse in their personalities and interests.”

Calder is an adventurer all around.

Miles, at 19 is a professional chef. His first love is cooking. He’s wild!

Luca is a huge soccer player. He travels all over the world to play. He’s actually also a sneaker fanatic. I’ll be traveling for work and I’ll get a text message asking me to go to some random store and look for a certain shoe in a certain size with a certain design so that he can have and trade it.”

CBS: Are your boys non-stop eating? What are some of their favorite dishes? Will you be featuring their favorites on your new show?

LSQ: “My boys are hungry, that’s for sure! I wouldn’t say they’re non-stop eating but they do love and appreciate good food. It’s funny, on my segments and even on The Martha Stewart Show, you can see them sneaking food while we’re cooking.”

CBS: What can parents do about picky eaters? Were any of your boys picky?

LSQ: “You have to bargain with picky eaters. When Miles was little, he refused to eat onions but he loved Brooklyn. We got him to eat them because we told him that these were special, Brooklyn onions. Before you knew it, he loved them.

I also believe that you can make a veggie eater out of anyone with the right cooking techniques and flavors. Plus, adding bacon makes everything better.”

CBS: Do your boys enjoy cooking with you? Do you think it’s important to include our children in the cooking/baking process?

LSQ: “You know, they really do. I tried to show my kids at an early age that cooking and eating is a collaboration in a family. We all bring something to the table – figuratively and literally – and together share and eat something great.

As my kids have gotten older, a lot of times they’ll volunteer to cook and create their own specialties. It’s fun for me to watch and they’ve all taught me something about cooking.

I think it’s very important to include our children when we cook and bake. With our busy schedules, somewhere we decided that eating is just a necessary task and an interruption to our lives instead of an enjoyable activity that everyone can participate in.”

CBS: What are some of the must-have foods for families? Maybe you have 5 fool-proof dishes for even the pickiest of eaters?


Flat Roast Chicken
Spaghetti Carbonara
NY Deli Breakfast Sandwich
Cheesy Corn Snack
Sweet Potato Fries”

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  1. Anonymous

    Love the family dinner philosophy can’t wait to see the show!

  2. Leesa

    She also had another show by Martha Stewart where there were 3 chefs making meal…From Martha’s Good food Small Magazine show.. She would
    make it easy to follow the recipes…When is Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala
    Quinn on.. is it on the Food Network Channel??

  3. JIm Williams

    Just discovered show. Wife did all the cooking for 38 years, had a 4 yr battle with cancer and is now in Heaven. I am trying to learn how to feed my neck. Tired of the tv dinners, pizzas. Not a very good cook. Watch cooking shows.
    Her show is absolutely perfect. I can get very tired os Sandra Lee who is so egotistical. Every other word is MY polenta, MY recipe, MY wonderful etc. Get’s very old. Which is a tip for you. You say it at times. Just say THE waffels, the recipe. I think I am normal. The repeated “MY” comments begin to become more of what one CATCHES in the sentence and thinis about…than the intent of the statement. My opinion. Only one I am an expert on. Neelys cuteness has become so annoying I will not even watch their show. And his Y’all after every sentence….yuk. Paula next on the do not watch list.

    You mis Lucinda cut a perfect balance with it all. Obviously teaching, not so egotistical, great choice of cuisine. I hope I get to tape your shows for a long long time. Perfect for a guy like me……It is what’s in your heart…and where you are coming from that comes out in the shows. Perfect Perfect Perfect

    Seriously & Sincerely

    btw I do not like to watch chefs that finally get so popular they start traveling and say they are searching for the perfect….yada yada. I am NOT interested in those shows….nor do I like competitive shows. I do not understand their popularity. I just want to learn how to cook, heat…time, basting, sauteeing….meats, potatoes, pastas. I am a clutz in the kitchen. I am making every mistake that can be made. From knocking my crock pot off onto the floor and busting the lid and crock in a kazillion pieces to forgetting the buttter in a cooking recipe. Those cookies are still CEMENTED to the cookie sheet. The instructions said on an ungreased cookie sheet. That was a doubtful thought in the first place. But I can tell you ungreased cookie sheet and forget the stick of butter…definitely does not work.

    apologize for length of msg

  4. Vanessa

    I LOVE this show! I don’t usually watch cooking shows, but I’m glad I found this one. Lucinda makes everything look so easy (and good!) I’m glad it comes on just before lunch because watching her cook always makes me–well, Mad Hungry!

  5. Cindy

    Hey Lucinda~
    I love Mad HUngry, I can so relate to you as I also have 3 sons. JOhn 26, Adam 19, and Sam 16. I was fortunate enough to be a full-time mom for 13 years, so they grew-up in the kitchen. I baked and cooked as much as possible from scratch. they eat eat cookies bought from the store, unless , of course they are OReos. Mom makes cookies, why would anyone buy them.
    All 3 want to become chefs. John is currently working a several degrees. Wanting to finish @ Green MOuntain, in Poulney, VT.
    Adam is getting ready to graduate h.s. and will go to our local community college in the Culinary Art Field. And Sam just knows he wants to cook, he loves the creativeness. He currently is focusing on desserts & sweets.
    We are planning on a trip to Philly and NYC the 1st week in April. We you be taping, or having any book-signings? We would love to meet you. A taping of MH would be awesome.

  6. tryecrot

    Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.

  7. Eunice Shishmanian

    Please tell me how to get recipes that you have made on Mad Hungry. I especially want the Chicken Soup which had broth, rice, and 4 eggs. I can’t find it. I made it once and granddaughter ate two bowls; lost the recipe.
    Thanks so much.

  8. Donette Toth

    When are you putting Mad Hungry on Hallmark again! I will not watch what they have on the 11 oclock time slot, its boring. I miss this show.

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