Guess Who Revealed: Harper Renn Smith

It’s Harper Renn Smith!

The adorable 3 1/2-month-old daughter of Saved by the Bell alum Tiffani Thiessen was pictured while out for a stroll with mom and a friend in Encino, Calif. on Tuesday (October 5).

The new mom recently weighed in on her sweet newborn:

Personality wise, it’s hard because she’s just starting to get her own personality by laughing, cooing and giggling. Looks wise, she is the splitting image, right down the middle, of my husband and I. She’s my husband from eyes up, and below she’s me.”

Harper is the first child for Tiffani and husband, actor Brady Smith.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Kim

    Harper, Tiffani Amber Theissen’s daughter

  2. Renee

    that has to be my fav celeb baby Harper Renn Smith! Tiffani Thiessen’s baby girl. shes so cute.

  3. Anonymous

    Harper Renn Smith, shes a doll

  4. Sophia

    I’m going to go with Harper Renn too. She looks older than three months, no? I dunno. She’s a cutie. Very solemn and adorable 🙂

  5. Hannah.J

    It’s Tiffani Thiessen’s baby girl Harper Renn Smith.

  6. Mack

    I’m pretty sure this baby is Alfred Hitchcock.

  7. Courtney

    it’s Harper Renn Smith and maybe she’s just annoyed by getting her picture taken it’s quite common for kids to skittish around cameras. though children of actors especially ones that eventually attempt to go into the family business get used to it pretty quickly. like for example Lorraine Nickleson Jack’s daughter who is currently trying to break into major acting roles though if she does she’s never going to live up to her dad as he’s been nominated for 12 academy awards winning 2 the most for an actor. the most for an actress being Meryl Streep with 16

  8. AnnieMouse

    So funny both her and Momma are making the same pursed up face!! Too cute!!

  9. Anonymous

    She looks like she is 1 years old not 3 month

  10. Anonymous

    she’s so big for a 3 month old..

  11. Anonymous

    Just average looking – looks like the father.

  12. Anonymous

    Yes right i thought the same, Harper looks older than 3,5 Month! But she is so cute and i am happy for Tiff with her little Sunshine!
    Harper looks like her Daddy Brady Smith, but ih hope so much that she gets the incredible Eyes of her Mommy Tiff!
    I love Harper, she is a beautiful Baby! But with this pretty woman as mother it´s not a surprise!!!

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