Jama Williamson: The ‘Parks & Recreation’ Set Is “Incredibly Laid-Back & Hilarious”

Jama Williamson, who stars on the popular TV sitcom Parks And Recreation, is set to welcome her second daughter this December. While working hard on the “happy” set, Jama makes times for playdates with her 3-year-old daughter Adeline with the “cutest baby ever,” Archie Arnett.

Jama opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her second “extra large” pregnancy, working with the “incredibly sweet” Amy Poehler, and her husband’s fabulous invention Bellybuds.

CBS: Congratulations! We hear you are expecting your second daughter! How have you been feeling?

JW: “Thank you! I’ve been feeling good but extra large [laughs]. They say this happens with your second one – you show much more quickly – and I sure did. I’m just now looking somewhat appropriate for how far along I am [now 7 1/2 months]. At 3 1/2 months, people were saying, “Should be any day now, huh?” I wanted to punch them. But I’ve been feeling great, so other than vanity, I have no complaints.”

CBS: When are you due? Do you have any baby names picked out?

JW: “I’m due in early December, and we’ve really been struggling with names this time around. Totally thought it was a boy – so much for mother’s intuition – and I had my name all picked out for that! I have a list with about 20 names on it. This week the top choices are Mable and Winter, but I’m sure that’ll change by the time this article comes out.”

CBS: What is your elder daughter’s name and age? Is she excited about becoming a big sister? How are you preparing her for the new arrival?

JW: “Her name is Adeline Rose, and she just turned three. She’s over the moon about becoming a big sister and insists we name her Candysprout, which I secretly think is better than any names I have on my long list.

She’s very protective of my belly and keeps talking about all the things she’s going to teach her – how to run, how to tell knock-knock jokes, you name it. We’ve been reading a lot of books about becoming a big sister and telling her that even though she’s going to have to share mommy and daddy, there will be a lot more love in the house to go around.”

CBS: Tell us what it’s like on the set of Parks and Recreation. Laughs and pranks all day?

JW: “It’s so incredibly laid-back and hilarious. The vibe of a show trickles down from the lead actor or actress, and Amy is so cool and playful that the whole set has a very relaxed and happy tone. It’s an incredibly pleasant place to go to work. There’s also a lot of improvising that happens, so it’s often hard to keep a straight face during a take.”

CBS: Do your colleagues bring their children to work? Any playdates with cutie Archie Arnett and/or little brother Abel?

JW: “I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Archie – maybe the cutest baby ever – Amy brings him to work on occasion. Most of my playdates happen with the son of the show’s Exec Producer, Michael Schur. His wife JJ and I are dear friends from college, so Addy and William Schur are best friends.”

CBS: What is it like to work with Amy Poehler? Is she loads of fun? Does she ever sleep/take a break??!!

JW: “Amy is incredibly sweet, laid-back, and super-funny. She’s really approachable and makes everyone feel comfortable, always introducing herself to the guest stars and extras she’s in a scene with.

I honestly don’t know how she does all she does. There was a stretch where she shot an episode, flew to New York over the weekend to shoot Saturday Night Live, and was back on the set of Parks on Monday morning, while being 8 months pregnant and with a smile on her face. It is stunning to see how hard she works both personally and professionally and still manages to be so sunny.”

CBS: Your husband is the creator of Bellybuds. Tell us more about this.

JW: “When I was pregnant with Addy, my husband Curt and I had done research online about the benefits of music to fetal brain development and we wanted to play music to the womb. I was holding big headphones up to my belly, bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t get up and walk around, and Curt was back online to find a suitable device for such a purpose. He was floored that he couldn’t find one, and that was the moment Bellybuds were born.

Bellybuds are sleek portable speakers you plug into any mp3 player and adhere to your belly with a skin-safe adhesive. They’re great because you can move them around anywhere on your belly and wear them discreetly under clothes.

We played music to Addy to enhance her development and to soothe her after birth, but since the inception of Bellybuds, so many other applications have been uncovered. Turning breech babies for example (my friend JJ used them successfully for that), and a lot of people are using them to play voices as well, like military families when dad’s overseas, out-of-town grandparents, and adoptive and surrogate parents.

Bellybuds’ website now actually offers a free voice-recording platform called VoiceShare that makes it easy to record and send downloadable messages.”

CBS: Have you used Bellybuds throughout both of your pregnancies? Do you feel your babies reacted to the music?

JW: “Yes! Addy was definitely soothed after birth with the music I played for her in utero, and I’m literally wearing Bellybuds right now to try to turn this little girl around. She’s breech at the moment, and music is a great natural tool to lure the baby into the correct position. Another reason Bellybuds in particular are so handy, because I can place the buds low on my belly to encourage her to move.”

CBS: Where can we purchase Bellybuds?

JW: “Bellybuds are available on www.bellybuds.com, buybuybaby.com, bedbathandbeyond.com, diapers.com, as well as several retail stores across the country. They make a wonderful shower gift – they’re what I give all my pregnant friends!”

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    Speaking of the “cutest baby ever”, look at little Addy Rose there! What a doll! And it’s so sweet that she wants to name her baby sister Candysprout! That is seriously adorable.

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