‘Raising Sextuplets’ Dad Wants To Get The Family Back Together

It’s the reality show curse! First, it was Jon and Kate Gosselin, now it’s Bryan Masche and wife Jennifer, stars of the WE TV show Raising Sextuplets who are in the tabloids due to their disintegrating marriage.

In an interview with Radar Online posted today, Bryan says he has not “given up hope of winning Jennifer back.” He insists the show was not the reason the couple is seperated, stating “Jennifer and I had actually talked about it in Florida and I knew that we had reached a breaking point in our relationship.” She currently has physical custody of their six children. Bryan sees them once a week.

Jennifer filed for seperation from Bryan on September 17, following a fight Bryan had with Jennifer’s father, where he threatened to “flatten” him. Jennifer has requested child support, but no spousal support from Bryan.

Bryan insists he has not been unfaithful to Jennifer in the time of their seperation and is seeing a counselor. He thinks Jennifer may need some time to herself:

“I desperately miss my kids and still love my wife but all I can do just now is take care of myself and put my trust and faith in God that we will get back together.

“I think Jennifer probably needs some space to think things through right now but she knows where I stand with regard to our relationship.”

Filming of the show is on hold until this issue is resolved.

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  • Ondine

    I feel bad for this family. Surely Jennifer knew Bryan’s true nature before she had his children. That is the time to dissolve a marriage, not afterward. And it is so like Bryan to hold Jennifer to her wedding vows and guilt her into staying w/ him. Doesn’t he see that her life and the lives of the children will doomed to a living hell if they have him as the head of their family? Bryan is an animal who cannot change his spots, a very unpleasant animal who did not deserve or appreciate the riches he had. The sooner he gets used to that idea and disappears, the better this family will be. No amount of counseling can fix what is wrong with Bryan. Maybe he can try again w/ another wife, but there is no chance that this will ever be a fulfilling marriage for poor Jennifer who now must untangle her life from him permanently. The sooner she realizes this the better it will be for those children who hopefully will not inherit any of their father’s character traits.

  • Anonymous

    Brian needs to harness his tongue. His obnoxious quips to his wife are hurtful and damaging. His eye rolling is so juvenile. Grow up guy!

  • Anon for today

    What a class A jerk. This man makes my skin crawl and has from the first moment I saw him on TV. I couldn’t watch the show because of his disgusting ways and the manner in which he choose to speak to his wife. She was sweet-natured and hard-working. She didn’t deserve his abuse.

    Sadly, she’s so spineless and probably scared sh!tless of trying to raise these children as a single parent that she’ll probably end up taking him back. And then things will only get worse because he’ll know he can do and say what he wants and she’ll always allow him back in.

    His surpressed homosexuality is most likely the cause of his uncontrollable rage. He needs to do us all a favor and come out of the closet. Then he can pick on someone his own size.

    • Anonymous

      “His surpressed homosexuality is most likely the cause of his uncontrollable rage. He needs to do us all a favor and come out of the closet. Then he can pick on someone his own size.”

      HAHA!! My thoughts exactly.

  • Anonymous

    Of course he wants to get back together, he misses his 6 little meal tickets. Get a job buddy!

  • Anonymous

    Just look at the picture of the children. They all look so sad and lost. The parents have the fake smiles on, but those poor children look abused and neglected.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, who didn’t see this one coming?!?! You could see such a change in Brian at the start of the second season. He is just a douche!! No kidding she isn’t seeking spousal support from him….he doesn’t even freaking have a JOB!!! He makes the family pack up and move to Fla so he can abuse her in private. Thank god she kicked his fat ass to the curb (how is that diet working out for you loser??). Let’s hope she meets a nice guy to marry her and treat her and the kids right…..

  • Anonymous

    Everyone, get a life. The divorce rate is higher when multiples are involved. Cost of taking care of the kids and dealing with the stress. They were seeing a counsler, what happened to her. If anyone watched their shows you’d see he got his anger issues from his own father. Everytime his dad came around he was always neg. to Bryan. Couldn’t do anything right. And raised him that way. This couple needs to get off the air and deal with their marriage and family and not worry about TLC suing them for breaking their contract.

  • Anonymous

    It is always sad to see a family fall apart. It is even more sad to see how he would talk down to his wife. But as with everything there all always two sides to ever story and the show will edit things to appear the way they should. I feel for jenny and the pain she is probably going thru. Hopefully they will be able to get help and do what is best for their family.

  • Anonymous

    He was a pig from the beginning….what did she ever see in him? She has a lot of self-confidence, great personality (you could see it when she was running with her friends), she is a professional and she is a loving mother. As far as I could tell he and his entire side of the family brought nothing to the table….they’re all slobs and lazy…..when both families were together it was Jenny, her Mom and her Dad who did all the work. Bryan is a no-class slob just like he was raised to be by his no-class family. She definitely “married down”…..Girls don’t be so anxious to marry…..be more anxious to have a happy marriage……don’t “settle”

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Its unbelieveable how judgemental people are. Like anyone knows what was really going on in their marriage. Im not saying that the way he talked to Jenny was right. Im just saying there is two sides to every story. I honestly hope they can get the help they both need and if its meant that they find someone else to be with then I hope it is for he best. No one deserves to be alone or unhappy. I feel very sorry for te children and I wish things could have been fixed before children were involved. I wish them BOTH luck and happiness!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like Jenny’s family all got together for comments. 2 problems: Jen needs to tell her dad to butt out of their family decisions and she needs to start accepting her husband as the head of the house and stop trying to take over his job. Best decision he made is getting his family away from controlling inlaws.

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