‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood: “I Want To Stop” My Violent Behavior

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood opens up to Us about facing her anger issues head on. On the September 28 episode, the 20-year-old mom punched, kicked and screamed at Gary Shirley, her on-and-off fiancé and father to daughter Leah, 23 months.

A lot has changed,” Amber, now in couple counseling with Gary, says. “I haven’t hit him since that fight.”

Local authorities in Anderson, Ind. reportedly launched an investigation after the incident aired. Also, MTV broadcast a domestic violence PSA during commercial breaks.

The young mom admits she tries to avoid watching her violent outbursts onscreen. In one episode last season, she attempted to choke Gary.

When I see myself in that position, it really opens my eyes,” Amber says. “I want to stop it, because I don’t want to be like that.”

Currently, she’s working with a counselor “on how to calm down when things happen,” she reports. “We are getting close to finding a solution…If I get mad, I always try to think about Leah and how an [outburst] will affect her.” She adds, “I will teach Leah that what I’ve done wasn’t right.”

Things with Gary are up in the air, she confides. They started dating other people on the season finale. “I do love this man…but if we keep fighting then we can’t move forward,” she says.

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  • Hanh

    Amber is horrible mother and girlfriend. I think she is just saying this because some PR peeps told her she needed to do this. If you see her, she never looks remotely sorry when doing it. In fact, she always looks like she revels in it.

    Gary is the only one paying attention to Leah. Amber ignores her and mistreats her, screams at her. I feel sorry for Leah.

  • mhm90

    No more braces for whatsherface! 🙂

  • Janna

    No, Amber. You don’t love him.

    I’m so sick of people throwing that word around. Is that what love means to some people? Abuse? Fighting? Hitting? A complete lack of respect? The inability to carry on a conversation with someone? Total dismissal of the other person’s feelings? If that’s love, then no thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Amber is the pure picture of WHITE TRASH!!!! This girl should not be a mother by any means! Hope that she gets that child taken away from her! She is such a joke

  • Peachy

    Amber is a HORRIBLE mother. She has the audacity and sheer nerve to ask an accredited daycare facility how many times they wash their carpets, but yet, has a disgusting mess at her house? Where is this girl’s head? She’s a poor excuse of a human being. Gary needs to get or borrow some balls to put this immature B in her place. He should take Leah away from her stat, and take this wench to court.

    Substituting Gary for a fellon she met at WalMart, truly shows how ready Amber was to be a mother.

    • Ridingfinest

      Peachy….she got the nerve to want to leave Gary for a felony who was clearly trying to hard on the last episode. I’m surprised MTV put up with her shit.

      • Peachy

        I think MTV likes the fact that they’re showing the repercussions of being in an abusive relationship/situation and how it shouldn’t be handled. It’s crazy how they need to constantly put the abusive hotline numbers everytime the show resumes.

        Negative attention isn’t always publicity, IMO.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe that Amber should have Leah unless it is supervised visitation. She is an awful mother and doesn’t seem to care about Leah at all. I don’t remember ever seeing her play with Leah at all, she is either telling her to be quiet or throwing her in her crib to cry. I also think Gary needs to be a man. He is such a pushover that I am embarrased for him. He had nothing to apologize for after she smacked him around. Come on Gary walk away with your daughter and get your act together, I don’t think Amber is capable of keeping it together and Leah deserves at least one responsible parent.

    • Anonymous

      “I also think Gary needs to be a man. He is such a pushover that I am embarrased for him.”

      Gary’s a victim, and I find it telling that you’re assuming that he’s just being a “pushover” or not a “man.”

      If the roles were reversed, and Amber was the one being abused, I’m sure your tone would change. People need to stop assuming that men are always the aggressor and that men are unsuited to the role of a victim.

      I think Gary deserves more sympathy than that.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. Especially when authorities are involved in a domestic dispute they automatically assume it’s the man doing the abuse. Gary is the victim but he also needs to man up. Also teens have been having kids for years it has nothingto do with MTV why teens are having kids. The show I to educate teens or at lest show them what the repricussions of having kids early. I’m glad i didn’t have lids until my 20’s even then it was hard by at least I was prepared by that time

      • Anonymous

        I agree. Especially when authorities are involved in a domestic dispute they automatically assume it’s the man doing the abuse. Gary is the victim but he also needs to man up. Also teens have been having kids for years it has nothing to do with MTV why teens are having kids. The show is to educate teens or at lest show them what the repricussions of having kids early. I’m glad i didn’t have kids until my 20’s even then it was hard by at least I was prepared by that time

  • Ridingfinest

    I’ve watched this show from its conception and even when she was pregnant she was still violent towards Gary. I find that she is an unfit mother and a horrible girlfriend. I find that Gary is way to good of a person to be dealing with her. He needs to get his act together and take his daughter from her. And why hasn’t anyone mentioned how nasty her house is and I never see her feeding Leah anything.

    • Peachy

      “And why hasn’t anyone mentioned how nasty her house is…”

      I totally commented on this above!
      Aaand, I so agree about her not feeding Leah anything but scraps off her plate.

      Amber totes needs to get her ass handed to her.

  • renee

    i really hope cps takes leah away from amber, she’s an awful other. if gary ever wanted custody, he’d get it in a second.. all he’d have to do is show the footage of how terrible she is.

  • beth

    i have been watching 16 and pregnant and teen mom since it has came out and Maci is by far the best one out of all of them. High 5 to you Maci. I dont like amber at all she is pysco and needs help if there is any help for her. She is a bad mom and gf. i dont think her relationship will last with her wally world KID. maybe he should watch how she treated gary and poor lil leah. and as of her friends comin over and trash talkin and amber makein it all garys fault she can be proven unfit by dcfs all they got to do is watch the season of teen mom and see what her house looks like and the so called baby crib that baby leah sleeps in. its more of a toy box then a anything and it has no bed sheets come on amber open ur eyes and care for your daughter not look for another bf. and for farrah she did well with meeting upwith sophias dads side of the family im very proud of her but i just dont like how she acts like she is ms queen bee. that really gets on my nerves. and catelynn and tyler is my second favorite in teen mom they are awesome i feel bad that catelynns mom is a drug addict and complete bitch from hell. truthfully if i was in catelynns situation i would have let carly go to a better family then be in a situation that she dont need to be in. i am so glad they get to meet thier daughter for the 2nd time in her life. shes not gonna recognize them but i think it will be good for the 3 of them. it might be hard for them when they come back but maybe its gonna be a yearly thing and thats what they need to look forward to.

  • Anonymous

    Amber is a dirty pigg who just wants attention! She went psycho wen Gary said he was goin to get his own place wit sum roomates she tottaly fliped n asked wit who? kuz she needed to knw who her baby was goin to be around wit… Yet she can meet a random guy @ walmart n not knwing he was in jail b4 wat an idiot!!… I think Farrah did a great job meeting up wit Sophies auntie n I think she needs to respect her mom more n last season her mom wud watch Sophie for Farrah while she was club hopping n whoreing around!!!.. Maci is by far the best mom on the show ever!.. N Caytlynn is 50/50… Her mom needs help n its good that
    Carly isnt around her exposed to things that arnt normal i feel sorry for Caytlyns lil bro… Caytlyn needs to get off her ass n help her mom around the house! n Gary Man up!!!!!!! Move on dude u n Leah deserve wayy better than a lazy dirty unfit person!!!=]

  • sunny sue

    They’re all low-lives. Sorry, but it’s true.

    Farrah is a self-entitled piece of garbage whose mother is dumber than kitty litter so you almost can’t blame her.

    Amber is a fat, lazy, abusive pig who should have her daughter removed. She’s disgusting and un-salvageable. If Gary had hit Amber, would social services allow Leah to say in his custody? No. No they wouldn’t. But there is a double standard in this country so…

    I think Maci grew up when she had Cadillac or Hummer or whatever his name is. I think that’s great. Still, she got knocked up at 16 by a man-child who treated her and her son like garbage. Great choices.

    The only one who has a redeeming quality is the one who decided to be selfless and intellegent and place her child up for adoption. That has to be the hardest decision a person could ever make and to make it at 16 with no family support – well, I applaud her. She’s inspiring and incredible.

    the rest of them should have been spanked as children.

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ “Cadillac or Hummer” I love it…his name is Bentley though. I agree with you 100% on your views.

      Macy still loves Ryan and vice versa…

      Farrah is a spoiled child that needs to grow up and stop being rude to her mom an dad!

      Amber OMG where to start this chick is acid pure and simple…I feel sorry for her daughter and Gary.

      Catelynn is an old soul in a young body…I love her spirit despite her horrid mother! God bless her!

      • Anonymous

        maybe if she had have stopped at the hummer she wouldn’t have a Bentley

  • Anonymous

    oh please, sunny sue. it’s so unfair to bash Farrah and Maci when it’s obvious on the show that they’re the ones that are actually working hard to provide for their kids. do you see Catelynn and Tyler doing anything with their lives other than whining and crying? exactly.

  • tabbbybabyx0

    i think gary is too in love with amber to ever actually up and leave her and take leah. i do however think him and little leah deserve better. in the first season i think farrah was a terrible mother, but i definetley see how she has grown up and she seems to really be taking care of sophia now, but her mother dosnt seem to be very understanding. catelynn, on one hand i think she shouldve kept her baby, just because, and on the other i see how her mother and tylers father are and im happy she did give her up. but shes also not really a mom so i dont see why shes on the show? maci, i absolutley adore, shes my favorite. i feel like shes the only mother on this show who has been there and loved her child to the fullest.

  • Anonymous

    Little Leah comment on the finale was proof enough about how Amber speaks to thy child.. I’ve never heard Leah say anything else on this show. This is the first time I’ve heard her speak an her words were directed at her mother and were exactly this: “quiet, now!” I think my point has been clearly made.

    • Anonymous

      Oh wow, I replayed that over and over again…it was soooo telling. That little girl see her mom constantly rant and rave like a lunatic at her dad! I feel so sorry for that child and Gary that they have to deal with her Amber needs help big time. The fact that Amber allowed that guy to move in with her and change her daughter’s diaper and dress her is CRAZY this chick is a complete nut case!!!

      I love it though when Leah pointed directly at her and said “Quiet… now” It doesen’t get any clearer than that!!

  • Anonymous

    I lived in Anderson, Indiana for about half of my life (moved two years ago), and unfortunately Amber and Gary seem to be a pretty typical young couple of the area. White trash, abusive relationship, etc. CPS is investigating, but will offer help to the family if little Leah is not in any immediate, life-threatening danger. Probably a few months of therapy and assisstance organizations. However, since Amber did physically abuse Gary in front of Leah (a jailable offense), she may receive a more serious penalty. Indiana has pretty strict domestic violence laws and will arrest a woman as quickly as a man. From what I hear, authorities are just waiting for Amber and Gary to return to the state to take action.

  • Anonymous

    Amber is a bad girlfriend and mother

  • Anonymous

    all of you need to get off amber’s case you dont know her besides gary knows how she gets he should have never moved in with her again she left his appartment first cause she knew they fight to much but there he goes and still pushes for them to be together its like he asked for it

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion Amber is a bad mom!!

    Leah is usually seems happiest with Gary’s mother

    I think Leah should be under her custody and Amber and Gary could visit most of the time!!

  • You Dont Know Me

    Amber is a horrible person! She was so fake on this show, you can tell. She is mean and she needs help. She really needs to go to a rehab center for abusive behavior.

  • AutumnBM

    When I see this show I laugh so hard. I mean come on. If I acted like Amber in real life my ass would be in jail, and my son would be taken from me. I can’t understand at all why Gary dose not get his daughter and get the hell out of there.

    Maci seems like a wonderful mother and Ryan needs to man up.

    I don’t really have much to say about Farria. She seems to have gotten her act together, but sometimes the way she acts makes me want to smack someone. As long as she takes care of her kid oh well.

    The two that gave their child up for adoption where pretty brave. I would never have done it. If it works for them and they say in contact then who am I to complain.

    I was a teen mom and I don’t think this show really shows the good stuff that can happen for teen mother. Before I got pregnant I was always in trouble and on my way jail or worse, dead. I was 15 when I meant the man who got me pregnant. We where engaged to be married by the time I was 16. We were going to Married October of 08, but when we found out I was pregnant we pushed the date up to May. I was 17 when I had my son, married owned a car. Now almost 2 years after I had my son we own our house, own 2 cars, very happy being married, have a well behaved son, have 2 dogs and 2 fish. We don’t have the problems these teen mothers have. We don’t get help from the government or from our parents.

    I am not stupid and I know that how my life turned out was not typical of a teen mother, but people need to stop acting like its ALL bad. Being a mom is amazing and NO baby is ever a mistake. Rather you got pregnant my accident or my choice. Being a good mother has nothing to do with age. It has to do with if you can take care of a child and yourself.

    Alright I also know that we only see PART of the story. They don’t show us everything that happens, so I’m not gonna past judgement on them. I will say however that some of them could be doing better, in the moments that we are shown. Well that is about it. I have a blog if you wanna check it out.


  • Anonymous

    I don’t think people should so easily talk about removing a child from its mother and father. She is no where near being a perfect parent but taking the child away is not always the best answer.

  • Anonymous

    I think amber is DISGUSTING,but i like maci and farria they taking care of their babys and thats the most important thing.

  • kay from uk

    I think maci is a good mum she’s taking care of her son u c it on the show.I just watched the 1 amber goin mad on gary 4 not wanting 2 marry her do u really blame the poor guy.she’s 2 scary.i know being young and having children is hard im 26 and have 7 year old and a.3 month old 2 beautiful grils,it has been hard 4 me at times but i will never lose it in front of my girls NEVER they don’t don’t desert it.Amber needs 2 grow up and grow up quickly coz b4 she knows it leah will b old enough 2 understand her mum is still a crazy little girl and the last thing u want is ur child 2 b scared of u.

  • Anonymous

    i have 2 say….i hate amber very much…..which a malice….but caytalins stupid drug addict for a mother takes being a piece of shit too a whole nother level. her mom is truly the rudest, most volatile, unstable, and unpredictable excuse for white trash i’ve ever witnessed. she makes her daughter confused and depressed because she has no guidence on how to be a mother from the only person that can give her the best guidence. and i feel terrible for gary…..the guy sends her flowers after shes decks him in the face 3 times in a row. he is such a forgiving person….and you would think that someone smart would take advantage of the oppertunity to start over after they(amber) havnt apologized for anything they’ve done. thank god gary actually has a heart and trys to make amends for what he has done or else he could have had her arrested for assault, and more than defiantly have taken leah away forever from the drug addict whore. she needs 2 take her whole bottle of klonopin and overdose and die. like seriously….what a joke….i’ve seen a crackwhore in the ghetto take better care of a child and be less volatile. thank god these people actually put a decent mother(maci) on the show. the only stupid thing maci did was distance her child from the childs father so she could be with kyle…litteraly the dumbest decision in history considerin she did it to get closer 2 kyle and she says that she feels more distant than before she moved to nashville because the man has 2 work….and she feels like he loves her kid, and only likes her. when kyle was playing with bentley in the pool……and maci is just lounging on the pool chair with her friends….and then she tells him…”you never want to do anything”…..and says to herself “im starting to think moving to nashville was a bad idea” well what i have 2 say to that is….NO FUCKING WAY? completely retarded people on these shows. they should have a law or something preventing woman from giving birth under the age of 18….at 16 years old these woman dont even know how to take care of themselves yet……thats why your parents are responsible for you until your 18 and they tell you what to do…..because you make stupid decisions like fucking without CONDOMS and then STUPIDER decisions like having a kid at 16….think of it….they cant perform their best in school or academically for that matter. so they cant go to the best college possible for them to help get an education and an occupation so they can pay for the childs college fund…..and proper living accesories.

  • Anonymous

    i watch these shows for observation, and to understand what its like to have to take care of another living thing other than you….i really dont see the point of giving these people money to expose and reveal their lives of misery, depression, hate, malice, and complete anger. do these people realize that what they do on this show is going to FOREVER be recorded in time and video……people need 2 really think before they act and be consciencious about their decisions…..when i say this im speaking strictly about that stupid no good whore amber….i hope she gets the maximum sentance for what ever charge she recieved. its sad to know that leah is going to be able to watch her violent outbursts, beatings, and completely disrespectful mouth and tone on video 8 years from now and be tramatized from ambers actions. leah is also going to be able to look at ambers mugshot, the way she was treated by amber, leah will be able to read about ambers drug abuse, and the fact that amber let some former jail inmate she just met at wal mart undress leah and clean her diaper. talk about a real scumbag…..i live here and i aggree with other countries that scorn the u.s……cus its true…..america is litteraly a joke at present time…..putting shit like that on tv and allowing the abuse to continue

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