Andrea Roth Is A “Deliriously Happy” New Mom

Actress Andrea Roth gave birth to daughter Ava Reese in March, and like most new parents she and husband Todd Biermann are working hard to balance work and 3 a.m. feedings. But they’re having a great time doing it!

“We weren’t quite prepared for Ava…but we’re deliriously happy,” the Rescue Me star tells Pregnancy360. “When I brought her home, I was so happy! When she came along, I started thinking about all the people that said it was going to be so hard. I didn’t know what anybody was talking about. I was the happiest girl in all the land—I had my baby! A few days of delirium like that and I crashed. But I was still happy!”

Andrea’s pregnancy wasn’t all fun and games though. ‘I suffered from…nausea for three and a half months,” she says. “And wouldn’t you know it, I got swine flu around the fourth or fifth month, so I was quarantined in my house, which was very difficult, no joke. When the doctors say, ‘Try not to get sick when you’re pregnant,’ and you come down with swine flu, you start worrying.”

Through it all Andrea says her husband Todd has been her biggest cheerleader. “[He] has been a sweetheart,” she gushes. “One of the nicest moments came when we were in a pregnancy class together and our instructor was asking all the partners how things were going. I remember so many of them saying how tough it was. And when it was Todd’s turn, he said, ‘I don’t know why it’s so tough for everyone; we haven’t had any lows.’ It was so sweet.

“If I didn’t have a partner…who was actively going through the pregnancy with me, I would not have been in as great a mood as I was. I didn’t cook a single dinner throughout my pregnancy. I’m not kidding. He was fabulous. Even when I started thinking I was depressed because I was so tired all the time, he didn’t get down. He’d whisper, ‘It’s OK. You’re pregnant. You’re building our baby, just relax.’

It’s obvious that the new mom is embracing motherhood and her new family. “There’s nothing sexier…or more beautiful than a man with his child in his arms,” Andrea says. “I must sound really annoying, but I can’t stop taking photos of the two of them together. I’m madly in love with my family.”

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