Are Kevin Jonas & Danielle Deleasa Expecting?

Could there be a baby on the way for newlyweds Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa?

In Touch magazine reports that the happy couple were spotted buying a home pregnancy test not long ago, and a friend reveals that Kevin, 22, and Danielle, 23, are ready for parenthood.

“They’re mature for their age, and they want to start a family,” says the pal. “They’d consider it a major blessing if Danielle was pregnant.”

The Jonas Brothers singer, who famously took a vow of abstinence until he was married, wed his girlfriend in a ceremony at Oheka Castle on Long Island, New York last December.

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures

  • mhm90

    Wow. Her eyes are weird..

  • Courtney

    it’s just the picture. it wouldn’t surprise me if she were pregnant they’ve been married just over nine months which is when most newlywed couples start thinking about starting a family. unless the bride was pregnant on their wedding day and either gave birth a few months before or had a miscarriage/stillborn. so they’re scared to try again right away

    • Janna

      Ahh… a typical “Courtney” post.

      You are suggesting that she was pregnant when they married but possibly had a STILLBORN?

      You are a kook… but at least your consistent.

  • Anonymous

    Getting married in your early 20’s and having a baby right away? Who wants to take bets on how soon they break up? I’d say over/under is about 3 years. I’ll take the under.

    • Isla’s Mom

      The same was said about Taylor hanson and 8 years and 4 kids later they are still married so you never know.

  • Jennifer

    I think its sad that a lot of people don’t have faith in young couples. Studies show that age doesn’t matter. Some people divorce, some stay together, their age has nothing to do with it. I wish them all the luck in the world of they are trying for a baby.

  • antigoniem

    I just can’t visualize any of the Jonas brothers getting anyone pregnant, married or not.

    • Natalie

      IK!!! I cant imagine them that way!!!

  • Anonymous

    “which is when most newlywed couples start thinking about starting a family.”
    LOL, where’d you pull that blind-ass data from? the local welfare info bank?

    • Echo

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha rolling on the flloor

  • Echo

    weird i think shes not that preety but wtf life is short get a girl pregnant… funny!!!!!!!! noot

  • AnnieMouse

    Well at least he didn’t make a big deal about abstinence and then knock her up before they were married! Who knows? Maybe they’re ready for kids…there are mature young adults out there, not many, but they do exist…

  • Anonymous

    Is there anyone here married? If not then what do you know about marriage and children? That is their decision not any of yours, and he married her so there has to be something right going on. Not all marriages fail. I know alot of couples that have been together for over 10 years or more.

  • Courtney

    no I wasn’t suggesting that she was pregnant on their wedding day just giving an obvious example of what could’ve happened. I know from what I’ve seen with my parents own marriage which my mom was pregnant with me when they got married.

  • Anonymous

    Her last name is Jonas not Deleasa. They are married.

    • Anonymous2

      She is a Deleasa until she legally changes her name to Jonas. did she?

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  • jops

    Honestly its there life if u got a problem with that dont be a fan and all of this stuff about there life didint neeed to become public how would u like iff some one posted ur whole life on the internet kevin eid dresses still the same alswome guy he just had to move on with his life and it is a little awkward hearing that kevin is trying to have a baby becuase u thought as kevin as a fun alswome band memeber and brother of the jonas brothers but he has a life and hes doing what ever it takes to make him self ladies kurta happy and thats good ! i love the jonas brothers who cares iif the get married or try to have a baby there still the same people and that stuff is THERE bisness that yall dont need to know not even me But love ya jonas brothers ganna record jonas L.A and in love calfornia thats where im ganna live when i grow up

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