Jennie Garth: We Moved Out Of LA, The Kids Go To Public School

Jennie Garth rose to fame in the ’90s in the popular teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210. Now, she’s enjoying her most important role as mom to daughters Luca, 13, Lola, 7, and Fiona, 4 with husband, Twilight star Peter Facinelli. The mom-of-three opened up to Parade about being a hands-on mom, raising the girls outside of Los Angeles and how dad embarrasses Luca.

On being the family cook: “I cook every day. If I don’t cook, they don’t eat. Who’s going to do it? I’m their mother!”

On Luca being embarrassed of dad’s involvement in the Twilight saga: “My 13-year-old has read the first two books. We stopped it there; it got a little too risque. But she’s more embarrassed by it, actually. She’s like, ‘Let’s not talk anything Twilight. Don’t mention it. Wear a hat to my school.’ She’s a little embarrassed by it, she wants people to like her for her and not because of him, or want to come to our house because of that. It’s something we deal with. But she’s proud of him. She’s actually a really gifted songwriter at 13; she’s like Taylor Swift. She wants to write scripts and write songs, so she’s constantly doing that.”

On keeping her kids grounded in the Hollywood spotlight: “We just moved out of L.A. because I didn’t want to be raising my girls in the city. They’re in public school now and they’re in a normal situation. We’re sort of settling into that. It’s just a choice. I could have probably raised them in L.A. and they would have been great and had so many things at their fingertips and been exposed to so many things. But we travel a lot, so I don’t think that moving out of town is sheltering the girls at all. Maybe protecting them a little bit more, trying to prolong their youth.”

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  • Anonymous

    good for jg and her family. she seems awesome.

  • LeeLee

    I love this family. Its one of the few hollywood marriages I see lasting.

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