How Lisa Rinna Explained Lip Surgery To Her Daughters

Lisa Rinna talks about her lip-reduction surgery and family life in a recent interview with The reality star said her daughters, Delilah, 12, and Amelia, 9, understood why she had the procedure.

She says, “They knew I was tired of people only seeing my lips. My girls would love me anyway, though. I’m their mom! But I was open and honest with them — like I am with everything. I think honesty and love are the best things you can give your kids. Also, it’s important to be in the moment 100 percent and not thinking of your grocery list, or all the other things you have to do, when you’re spending time with them. Being present as a parent gives your kids higher self-esteem than anything.”

Lisa, 47, also opened up about having postpartum depression after she had both her girls.

“Get help. Talk about it. It’s so taboo. You think, “How can I feel this way after having a beautiful child?” But we’ve seen on the news what happens when people suffer alone — there can be very tragic consequences. I had a woman come up to me in the bathroom in Target who said, “Thank you so much for talking about postpartum. I wanted to kill myself. I was so in the depths of darkness and I felt so alone. But I thought, ‘Wow, if Lisa Rinna went through it, maybe I can get through it.’” So I’m so glad I opened up about it. Other women need to know that they’re not alone.”

Rinna also admitted that one of the hardest questions she has answered as a parent was why she didn’t graduate from college.

“It was a really hard question because of course you want your kids to go to college. I was just really honest and I told them that at the time I wanted to be an actor and I wasn’t accepted into the “Acting 2” class, and I thought, “I don’t want to continue to go to school because I knew I was there to act.” So I said to them, “I didn’t continue. But if I could do it again, I wish I would have.”

She and husband Harry Hamlin now have their own reality show. Called Harry Loves Lisa, it debuted this week on TV Land.

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unfortunately, she looks like she’d done more to her face than just lip reduction surgery. whatever happened to growing old gracefully? do these celebs realize that w/botox, plastic surgery, collagen, and other fillers, they just change who they look like…beyond recognition?


Well why not teach her children that each person is different and it doesn’t matter what people “see” when they look at you! Teach them to be comfortable with their bodies and most of all stress that not everybody can “fix” their bad parts – she missed out on teaching her kids the right thing here!

Anon for today

Really? Day two of Lisa Rinna’s lips?


I don’t think she needed any work done on her lips, she was gorgeous the way she was.

Natural beauty is accepting variations in us all and accepting things that are not that far from the average. The enhancements professionals make in good faith often come back to haunt us later in life. It’s great that she is speaking out on this. Cosmetic dentistry and facial enhancement surgery has a huge potential for abuse. The expose ‘Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist’ (book) is a contribution to the cause against unjustified & extreme cosmetic enhancement surgery. There is an interesting conflict between lip surgery and extreme veneer makeovers as described in this recent press release which also mentions… Read more »
Sophie Brown

I love her and admire that she’s being so honest with her family. She knows that she’s a role model to those girls. I admire Lisa Rinna so much! And her TV show is very entertaining too 😉