Milla Jovovich: “I Would Love To Have A Big Family”

With her daughter Ever Gabo‘s 3rd birthday coming up next month, actress Milla Jovovich admits she’s thinking about baby #2.

“Now that my daughter is almost three, thoughts of a second baby are definitely in my head,” Milla tells Popeater. “I would love to have a big family.”

Even so, the model mom says she enjoys having this time to focus on her adorable little girl.

“Ever is just getting to that stage where she’s growing into a little person. She’s out of the baby stage, and sometimes I just want to spend time with her and give her my undivided attention instead of going back into that baby world again with a second child. Three, four and five are such great ages.”

For now Milla has more than enough to keep her busy: The Resident Evil star has 8 films on the go!

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  1. AnnieMouse

    She looks gorgeous in this photo and I LOVE Ever’s boots!! So adorable!

  2. Courtney

    if she wants another child she better get on it it’s harder at her age. though big stars have had children at her age and much older for decades for example Gena Rowlands had her youngest daughter at 40 in 1970 or Geena Davis had her twin sons at age 48 in 2004 but twins to get more common after age 35. so Milla better be careful what she wishes for.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree with Courtney, especially since it took her a while to conceive Ever. I remember she said something about not being able to conceive until she put some weight on when they were trying for their girl.
    If she wants a big family, meaning 4 kids at least, then that’s almost not possible, better get to work Milla!

  4. Anonymous

    A daughter named Ever and now she can try for a son and name him Never. I mean it wouldn’t be out of the question with the stupid names they pick these days.

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