Matthew McConaughey: Vida Is Already Walking!

Matthew McConaughey is a busy dad now that he’s got two kids on the move.

“[Vida] is walking, so we’re busy,” the star tells Entertainment Tonight. “Not much time for us to daydream, because if you look up at the sky for about 10 seconds they’re a half-mile down the road.”

Matthew and his girlfriend Camila Alves did find time to give back to a worthy cause recently. Matthew’s j.k. livin’ foundation teamed with the San Fransisco 49ers to host “Just Keep Livin’ the PLAY 60 Way,” an event brought a group of teens and kids together to participate in football practice and team drills. The goal? To educate them about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

“We have a family now, got two kids,” says Matthew, who is also dad to 2-year-old Levi. “One of the things that we’ve learned is that we’ve reminded [ourselves and] our kids to be thankful for all the things that we have, because a lot of these kids don’t have the opportunity. One: a solid mother-father relationship in the house. Two: Our kids don’t have to worry about eating or college tuition.”

Adds Camila: “Things like that that we have, we’re very thankful for, and we give those kids what they don’t have, a little bit of a place that they can get a little taste enough and like it enough where they want to continue their lives to go into a positive route.”

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  1. C-S

    Wow, walking at 9 months is great! My daughter was nearly 11 months when she began walking. Every child develops differently so this is good to hear.

  2. Anonymous

    My son was crawling at 6 months and walking at 9 months! He is 13 months now and he has the best posture of any baby I have ever seen! He runs around all the time too! 🙂

  3. Mae

    I think that is Camilia’s dad walking behind Matt. Both children are biracial but Vida looks more so than Levi. Although Levi looks like his mother he is much lighter than Vida. her Brazilian African features are more pronounced than in Levi.

  4. Anonymous

    Um, Camila is Only Brazilian not african, brazilian comes in many different tones and looks, I am white from germany and there are people in my country that look like Camila. The children look beautiful, The kids look exactly the same, why do you bring up race???

  5. Greta

    Camilia is pardo the people who are of African and European race in Brazil and they make up nearly 60 percent of the population. The model Adriana Lima is also of the same racial, ethnic mix as Camila, European and African. I am also German and there are no actual Germans with her coloring and facial features unless they are mixed race or immigrants. The daughter does look a lot more mixed race than her brother Levi that is the truth and nothing wrong with saying so.

  6. Anonymous

    The children look so little like him, they look very ethnic they got their coloring from their mother. The mother is brown latina and the father is white yet their children don’t even really look white they look very brown latina ethnic.

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