Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes: Cheering Squad

Seven-year-old Mason had a cheering squad on the sidelines of his soccer game in Calabasas, California yesterday in the form of his dad Eddie Cibrian, little brother Jake, 3, and Eddie’s girlfriend LeAnn Rimes (October 9).

The country crooner and her beau seemed happy as ever, taking time out for a little PDA. After the game LeAnn treated the whole gang to ice cream.

LeAnn took to Twitter to give updates on the game, writing, “I think I’m gonna lose my voice from screaming!!! Lol”

And then, later: “I got a coach Rick reward today! Must have been cause of my cheering! Lol!”

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Trish

    They look like a cute happy couple, glad the kids get a balanced life with both parents!!!

  • Anonymous

    They are both disgusting cheating pigs!

  • AnnieMouse

    The whole world is full of cheaters! Just because you can’t maintain a relationship with another adult, doesn’t say anything about your ability to be a good parent. I think it’s good to see her with his children having fun.

    • Anonymous

      Having fun? Nope more like trying to taunt Brandi Glanville. And of course she is trying to make it look like they are a happy family, last time this year Eddie Cibrian was CHEATING on Leann. It is said that Leann would use this kids to fuel her agenda. BTW, except for last year when Eddie was trying to make people think that he was a goo day, we have NEVER seen these kids at the soccer game. So how odd that we them NOW. When Leann has a concert and this just so happens to be the anniversary that EC cheated on LR with. This is gross and heting out of control. The said thing is that these photos are just a recreation of those photos of EC, BG, and BG parents from last year. If she wanted to show how much she loved those kids, she should not have called the paps and then tweeted about them.

      • A little Nuts-o Fruitcake?!

        Wow…take it personally, why don’t you…just an observation. Chill out!

  • Anonymous

    do they really need to make out at a soccer game? Does she really need to wear those short shorts at the game? this woman needs to start thinking about other people besides herself…I think she will live if she doesn’t kiss her cheater of a bf for an hour or so

  • Cindy

    when the pockets stick out from underneath, it means the shorts are too short….and surely you can make it through a children’s soccer game without making out

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny how Eddie’s children are a lot darker than he is the boys look a lot more Cuban.

  • Anonymous

    LR claims that she didn’t know that the paps are out there taking pics, and yet, she’s smiling right at them in one of the pictures. this website didn’t include the pics of her ass, as she claims that she was picking up a cookie on the ground. Would it kill her if she bend down on her knees instead of bending down to show her a**? Look up classless in the dictionary–you will see a picture of LR

    • Anonymous

      She knew that the paps were there.

      This kid has had now many soccer games and not once have the paps been there?

      So we have to ask, what are EC and LR trying to promote?

      Because they only show in public with those kids when they are using them to promote their careers or trying to make us think that all is well.

      I find it funny that she is making out with EC at the kids game. The focus is not on the kids, but on how she can make her farce with EC seem more real because everyone is pointing out how he cheated last year.

  • Anonymous

    They are both pathetic! Making out at a soccer game! CHEATERS!

  • Anonymous

    He disgusts me even MORE because he lied when the media first speculated something between them saying all the stories were ‘fabricated’. Scumbag.

  • Anonymous

    Oh come on, when have we ever seen them at that kid’s game. We saw photos ONE TIME last year, so this was a set up. Leann is sick and then she just can’t understand why things are going well for her.

    BTW, didn’t EC say that it disturbs him to see his kids faces in the tabs? Yeap, so what can we conclude? That as long as Leann pays him well he will pimp his kids out?

    Now how will EC and WEWE ever do the right thing when sites like this are always patting them on the back?

    This is gross.

  • Anonymous

    Leann smile all you can now, he cheated on his wife with you and he will cheat on you with another and she will be the one smiling. Shauna Sands called and said your shorts are too short.

  • Anonymous

    I cant stand these two, specially LR. She looks like a dude, shes a homewrecker and keeps taunting the kids mom, shes a JOKE. Paps please stop taking pics of em. And of course she knew paps were them, she even smiled at them!!! She is a liar too I guess.

  • Anonymous

    If they’ll do it with you,they’ll do it to you.I’m so glad EC is not on CSI Miami anymore!

  • Ick

    these 2 become scummier by the day. she wanted to show he was all hers bc eddie has tried to screw half the moms at that game

    • Anonymous

      that is totally what it seems like.

  • Anonymous

    This kinda works against Leann. If the paps can find Leann and “HER FAMILY” so easily( like Leann keeps claiming), then image how easy it is for a pedophile or even a crazy “fan” of Leann to find and locate those kids. So this is even more reason why Leann should not be tweeting about those kids. And why she should not be rewareded when she tweets about those kids.

  • Anonymous

    Just remember, he was making out with his wife when he was trying to convince people that he wasn’t cheating with LR. LR established in her Shape interview that she engages in excessive pdas to compensate for her bad relationships. So the best thing to come from this photo-op is that EC is CHEATING on LR. If they were not sincere when they were making out with their spouses, then why do sites like this expect us to believe that all is well now that EC and LR are together? Did either one of them fix that thing that made them cheat? The man still hasn’t kept a promise to his kids, so why do you want us to believe that he loves LR when he can’t even abide by his whole “it is not child-focused to expose kids to the media and paps” while his mistress tweets about his kids and posts photos of them on her twitter page?

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