Rod Stewart Adopts New Attitude To Long Lost Daughter

When he was just 17-years-old Rod Stewart fathered a child with his student sweetheart, Susannah Boffey. Their little girl, Sarah Streeter, was given up for adoption in the 1960s when her birth mother realized that she could not properly care for the child.

Fast forward to today and father and daughter are trying to forge a new stage in their relationship. Their journey has not been without its ups and downs and in a conversation with Britain’s Daily Mail, Sarah shared her thoughts.

We did have quite a lot of contact at first in the middle-to-late ­1980s. I even went to stay at his house in Epping. But then it fizzled out, on both our parts, really. I got on with my life and he got on with his.”

Then three years ago Sarah’s mother died and Stewart endeavored to re-kindle a connection to his care-home worker daughter. During her interview Sarah went on to say, “Now I’m getting to know him more I think I understand what went on. Rod has actually come into my life in a big way since mother’s gone, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.”

The long-lost father-daughter duo are slowly-but-surely working on their relationship:

At the moment it’s all baby steps, but whatever issues were there have all been forgotten, for both of us,” Sarah said. “It’s all water under the bridge now. It’s nerve-racking, too, but just as much so for him as it is for me. There’s no anger there. I never was angry about what happened really, just sad. But now I’m older I see things differently and realise that it has been as difficult for him over the years as it has been for me. Now we’re at the start of a new chapter, and that’s wonderful.”

Rod and his wife Penny are currently expecting their second child.

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I’m happy for them. Life is just to fleeting to hold on to a past you can’t change. One thing I am confused about is, is it her birth mom the one who died. I reads like maybe they reconnected at some point maybe? Or is she speaking of her adopted mom.


The ambiguity is the fault of the write-up here. If you click on the original article, it says it’s her adoptive mother who died. The article also has pictures, and there’s certainly no question that he’s her father. They look exactly alike.


Correction CBS his long lost daughters name is Sarah not Susan. and it’s nice to see them building a relationship now and he wasn’t 17 in 1964 he was 19 as his birthday is January 10th 1945. at least get your information correct


Looks like whoever did the write-up here just didn’t read the original article very closely. It says they met when he was 17, dated for a year, and then she found out she was pregnant. So that does work out approximately to him being 19 when she was born.

Jenny Schafer

Thanks, we fixed it.


Rod Stewart has so may children with countless women. Now he had Sarah to add. He has around 8 children with 5 different women. And is currently expecting. He’s one gross man. Here the list.

Wife: Alana Stewart (m. 6-Apr-1979, div. 1984, one daughter, one son)
Girlfriend: Kelly Emberg (one daughter)
Wife: Rachel Hunter (actress and model, m. 1991, sep. 1999, div. 2007, one daughter, one son)
Wife: Penny Lancaster (model/photographer, b. 15-Mar-1971, m. 16-Jun-2007, one son)
Susannah Boffey one daughter


Well, he’s no better or worse than most rock stars or rappers. They all seem to have multiple children by multiple women. As far as I can tell, Rod Stewart fully supported all of his kids. Most of them have turned out to be spoiled druggies and totally useless people, but that can be expected, I guess. I’m just saying that Stewart is no worse than a lot of musicians and he shouldn’t be jumped on for what he’s done in the past.